What’s Moors’ “Electro-Wave Inversion?”

Moors says huge orders are coming for this little company starting April 1 August 21 October 1 thanks to "Executive Order 13795" and new Congressional Mandates... what's being teased by Micro Energy Trader?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 27, 2019

This article was originally published in February, 2019, and has been lightly updated a couple times when new versions of the ad have been pushed by Money Map Press.

I’ve been getting buckets of questions about the latest pitch from Dr. Kent Moors for his Micro Energy Trader ($3,500/year, limited “performance guarantee” refunds possible), so that’s what we’ll dig into today.

The pitch is typical of Moors’ stuff, in that he conjures up this idea of an earth-changing new technology that is the province of “one little company” and will make you rich, with 50,000%+ returns… in the past, that’s always been a wild exaggeration (to be generous), but we’ll start out with an open mind. Here’s how the ad begins:


“It could create 2.7 million American jobs…

“Save 610,000 lives from deadly diseases…

“And unleash $3.9 trillion to the U.S. economy…

“Delivering early investors the profit opportunity of a lifetime”

So what is this “electro-wave inversion?” The spiel is that it’s a new and advanced imaging technology of some kind that can see through the walls of Fort Knox…

“Practically NOTHING’s ever been able to breach Fort Knox.

“Until now…

“You are looking at one of the most important innovations in modern history.

“So important, it just received special clearances…

“From both the U.S. Department of the Interior and the White House.

“And it could deploy any day now.”

More info?

“This specific EWI device is around the size of a quarter in diameter.

“And it’s just about an inch or so tall.

“Yet this tiny miracle has the power to unlock $3.9 trillion in new wealth…”

Laying it on thick, right?

What else?

“12 global Fortune 500 corporations…

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“With collective market caps clearing $2.1 trillion…

“Are lining up to cut $50 million checks to a tiny $8-per-share tech company…

“Just for the rights to ‘beta test’ this technology…”

OK, so it’s $8 a share. That’s one clue. And it’s a small sensor of some kind. Other details?

“There’s only one way to describe these devices…

“It’s like having an MRI machine that can see 10 miles deep into the Earth’s crust.

“All while fitting in the palm of your hand.”

OK. And apparently it’s got other uses as well beyond those Fortune 500 corporations…

“For the U.S. Navy, it can be 100 times more accurate at spotting enemy submarines than the best military-grade sonar.

“The United States Geological Survey could use one to detect volcanic eruptions in Krakatoa, Indonesia… two days before it even takes place.

“And Barrick, the $15 billion gold miner, could use one to find 92 times more gold in a single year… than has ever been found throughout all of history.”

And, of course, the big promise:

“Ahead, I’m going to show you how a modest $1,000 stake in this tiny firm at the heart of these EWIs could grow into a $557,560 jackpot.

“But first, it’s critical that you’re aware this could all happen in a flash…

“Because this tiny company has already turned the global $1.4 trillion energy industry on its ear.”

OK. So what’s the rush? Apparently there’s some kind of plan to “greenlight” this technology right away… back in February, this is the wording used:

“I’m going to examine what could be a government-mandated, nationwide rollout of this technology on April 1.

“And most importantly, I’m going to reveal the one tiny company that is perfectly positioned for an event of this magnitude.

“It has been awarded 107 patents for this technology.

“And could soon begin collecting check after check from some of the largest U.S. energy companies.”

Now that’s been updated to say that…

“Executive Order 13795 goes into effect on AUGUST 21”


“… on August 21, top executives from some of the world’s biggest companies – including Exxon and BP – will be attending a private meeting in New Orleans… just to bid for the exclusive rights to use this technology.

“I’ve been asked to take part in this meeting. And I can tell you this is going to be one hell of a bidding war.

“These companies are ready to throw tens of millions to get their hands on this technology.

“And it all happens on August 21.”

Though the latest version of the emails provide a new (and it seems to me, made up just for marketing urgency) deadline of October 1….

“After October 1, a majority of this money could be completely off the table. According to the federal documents I’m looking at, a plan drafted by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management could go into effect then – and it would launch a nationwide rollout of this technology.”

And, in a bit more detail:

“EWI devices are expected to receive federal approval to analyze 269 MILLION acres of unexplored underwater terrain on the Outer Continental Shelf!

“The first phase could start October 1.

“That’s when we could see the government open this coastal property.

“It spans 420,312 square miles.

“That’s about the size of Texas and California combined.

“It’s a historic moment for U.S. energy.

“And it could make early investors in this EWI technology filthy rich.”

Other clues?

“… this company is manufacturing one of these devices every four seconds…