Quick Note for Irregulars: Latest “Fourth Quadrant” Company Reinvents Fire

A microcap teaser solution for the Irregulars

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 10, 2013

The LATEST company to enter the 4th Quadrant…

Fire. We still use it just like the first caveman did.

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There’ve been no significant advancements in fire in, well… forever!

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

With the inside scoop on recent testing, though, fire will never be the same.

I really don’t want to write an article for thousands of folks about a tiny little company that has already run up in price, and that has been teased before, but a lot of readers are asking about this latest pitch from Louis Basenese so I thought I should get a quick answer out for the Irregulars, at least.

His pitch is that he chooses “Fourth Quadrant” stocks for his Microcap Tech Trader service, stocks that are just a product launch or a big order away from taking off for dramatic gains. He gives several examples, all of which did have substantial runs in price after Basenese touted them (and after we covered them, too, in revealing his “secret” stocks) — though it’s always hard to pinpoint exactly why a little sub-$100 million market cap stock jumps up in price. Is Basenese right that these are exciting tech companies driven by company-changing developments, or is it just that the attention his tens of th