“The New Face of Touchscreens… under-the-radar American company”

Solving the Inaugural Teaser from MicroCap Tech Trader

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 13, 2011

Louis Basenese and the folks at White Cap Research are launching a new advisory service that looks for “game changers” in tiny stocks that they think will have hugely disruptive success — the newsletter is called MicroCap Tech Trader and will run you about a thousand bucks a year … but if that sounds a bit steep, how about if we start off by trying to identify their first “game changer” for you?

Ok, we’ll even do it for free. Sound worthwhile? Well, you will have to sit through a few moments of blather from your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe, but that seems a small price to pay.

Identifying early stage tech companies is obviously not a new idea — there are scores of newsletters that try to do this, from Patrick Cox and his love affair with biotech to David Gardner and his Rule Breakers, you can find all sorts of folks that aim to identify the next big growth stock winner that will change the game (or change the rules), with some folks looking for “breakout” stocks and some for the really tiny micro cap innovators that provide even more excitement (and risk).

So Basenese and his copywriters had to make it sound a bit sexier to stand out, of course — here’s part of the pitch, which comes in under a shadowy picture of the men who could “zero out YOUR bank account in seconds”:

“You could call them incubators, test labs, or start-ups.

“I call them sleeper cells.

“They’re hidden in plain sight all across America, gaining traction every day…

“…hatching new ideas, new plans and new missions to change the world, even if they’re at your expense.

“If you think I’m being overly dramatic, I understand.

“The world is filled with financial analysts trying to scare you to death with threats about rioting in the streets and the fall of the government.

“What I’m writing to tell you about today isn’t likely to do any of that. But it could damage you and your family’s financial future beyond repair.

“You see, these men aren’t criminals or warlords. They’re not terrorists or even computer hackers.

“No, they’re visionaries. Innovators. Geniuses.

“They’re a lot like the names you read about these days in the pages of Time, Newsweek, or even Rolling Stone…

“They’re part of a new breed of what I call ‘Game Changers.’”

So I guess the folks at InvestorPlace don’t own that “game changers” term … much to their chagrin, I’m sure (that’s the current name of one of Hilary Kramer’s letters)– so which “game changer” is Basenese teasing us with this time as his first “call to action?”

Well, first he runs through a pretty standard littany of past stocks that he might have picked years ago, had he been running such a service and/or had a time machine — disruptive picks like Netflix and Redbox beating Blockbuster, Amazon beating Borders, Apple beating everybody, and implies that he’s going to be able to sniff out that next Reed Hastings,