“The Incredible Secret of the 9%-Yieldin’ ‘Tulsa Surprise'” (Roger Conrad)

Friday File look at a new MLP Profits teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 28, 2012

Here’s how the latest teaser ad that I’ve been asked about from the folks at Investing Daily starts:

“Limited Distribution… Do Not Forward… Do Not Share


“The Incredible Secret of the 9%-Yieldin’ ‘Tulsa Surprise'”

And whenever you put that in your ad … well, you can pretty much guarantee that your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe is going to feel an overpowering urge to sniff out the answers and share ’em with the world. Or, since it’s Friday, with the best part of the world: the delightful Stock Gumshoe Irregulars (that’s you!)

So what are they talking about? Well, in case you’re not excited enough to care yet, read on for more of the intro:

“Stage is Set for Massive Run-Up:

Here’s an oil and gas specialist paying a whopping 9% ‘up front’… Their revolutionary ‘water-flooding’ technique is keying a dazzling 85% growth trajectory—that could shoot out the lights of your portfolio They only went public 8 months ago and are still just about unknown A hair-trigger event could send their shares soaring—and my snooping may be about to pay off…

“BREAKING NEWS: An Influential Insider Just Went on a Massive Buying Spree. Act Fast and You Could Become ‘Insider Rich,’ Too.”

OK, now do you wanna know? Me too. So what’s the deal? Here’s some more background in Roger Conrad’s words:

“… back in February I alerted readers to a little-known oil and gas upstart I call the “Tulsa Surprise”… barely two months after it went public.

“Fundamentals were solid. Momentum was surging. But talk about hitting the jackpot…

“Yesterday, they announced 2nd-quarter results showing revenue topping $29 million. That’s nearly TRIPLE the $10.7 million in sales during the same quarter last year….

“But I just snooped out a KILLER SECRET…

“While trolling through SEC filings, I noticed a rash of insider buying by one of the company’s most influential directors. Not just one buy… or two… BUT 8 SEPARATE BUYS TOTALING $399,510 SINCE APRIL 17th!”

OK, so … high yield, high growth, big insider buying … sounds good so far. What about some clues about what the company actually does?

“Here’s the crux of the matter… and why the Tulsa Surprise has a major leg up on the competition. For years, they’ve used a remarkable technique to enhance production from flagging wells. They inject water around the edges of a field to restore reservoir pressure and push ...

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