Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Nov. 1 “Hybrid Dating Stock” and “The Biggest Upside Earnings Surprise in Two Decades!”

Ad hints that "We Believe Every American Will Want to Own This Stock" -- what is it?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 13, 2016

Keith Fitz-Gerald is dangling “The Biggest Upside Earnings Surprise in Two Decades” as an inducement to convince folks to sign up for a subscription to Money Map Report, which is the “entry level” newsletter for Money Map… so what is the stock they’re talking about?

He calls it a “hybrid ‘dating’ stock,” and thinks that it will launch a historic 500% surge on November first, when they release their next quarterly earnings report.

And if you’ve read this far, I expect you’re probably not so interested in paying for a “special report” on this company… and you’d rather think for yourself?

Not a bad idea… but maybe it’s worth actually finding out what the stock is? After all, you never know where your next good investment idea is going to come from… so let’s sift through the clues, ID the stock for you, and give you a chance to research it for yourself and discuss it with your fellow Gumshoe readers. Then you can go subscribe to his newsletter if you feel like it, or spend some time seeing what other subscribers think of the service… but you won’t be driven to it by a lustful need to ID this one stock that will change your life.

So… on to our exercise in detective work as we sniff out the clues in the ad… what does Keith tell us that might lead us to the name? Here’s the first bit:

“On Nov. 1st We Believe Every American Will Want to Own This Stock

“Just days from now, on November 1st, the CEO of a tiny online networking company is expected to make an unprecedented announcement…

“He will disclose his company’s 3rd quarter earnings – right now it’s estimated to be a huge 325% blowout in one quarter alone.

“Most companies are lucky to boost their earnings by 10% in a quarter.

“This is 35 times bigger than that… We’re looking for this company’s share price to blow out.

“Our analysis shows that it could easily run from $5 to $30 over the next 12 months.”

And then we get the hints about the sector (yes, I already told you it’s online dating… but play along!)….

“According to Pew Research, 15% of American adults have tapped into the online dating arena – that’s more than 37 million people.

“And with a whopping five million active users, this company currently consumes 10% of the online dating market in America.

“But here’s the kicker…

“This firm could easily snatch up 25% of the entire market by 2020, adding nine million more users.”

OK, I don’t know if any company has ever “easily” gone from 10% market share to 25% market share… but yes, we’ll concede that it’s certainly possible.

And we get some hints about the companies who own shares:

“Institutional investo