“One Canadian Mine is Giving Away Gold … The best junior mining company in the history of junior mining companies.”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 25, 2010

So, did that headline catch your attention? That’s the heart of a new teaser ad out from Keith Fitz-Gerald, trying to get you to subscribe to the Money Map Report.

The ad is all about becoming a “Kevlar Investor” by investing in “near guaranteed” 300% gains and protecting yourself from “financial terrorism.”

And don’t worry, I faithfully reproduced all their quotation marks. After all “near guaranteed” can mean “not guaranteed at all” … right?

But the key to the tease, or at least the part that has eager readers banging on my door and demanding answers, is that you can “Get Free Gold!”

Really? Well, sort of (but no, not really) … let’s investigate, shall we?

The basic threat of the letter is that we’re up against still more challenges this year — commercial property defaults, more subprime trouble, bank failures, and the growing sovereign debt crisis that should crush the US (and other governments) and lead to devaluation and inflation.

Most of which you’ve probably heard before, in one form or another — and over the last couple weeks, the fears of a faltering market have been front page news, so it’s no shock that the markets could collapse again … most mainstream folks aren’t arguing that we’ll test those lows from back in March of last year, but some investors certainly think we’re headed way, way down from here.

So what to do in the face of this? Well, the Money Map folks have a plan for you — and in their “action guide” they say that they’ll tell you about …

“… the world’s best investment for profiting far beyond the reach of the financial terrorists…

“One Canadian Mine Is Giving Away Gold

“Right now, men are meeting in private quarters and plotting the biggest “financial coup” in history. Their endgame? They want to lay the foundation for a new global currency… to replace the dollar!

“This story takes us wide and far before returning to the “free gold” I promised (no catch, all legit). The coup is being led by China, but most of the world – everyone except the U.S. – is in on it. If you arm yourself with an insider’s understanding of this coup, you will experience something that is both tragic and wildly rewarding.

“Instead of holding yesterday’s money, you’ll be holding tomorrow’s money.”

There’s some more chatter about this “new global currency” that Fitz-Gerald calls “the commodit” (get it, “commodities”? Hard to decide whether that name is any worse or better than the ridiculous “amero” that so many folks got scammed and spooked by a couple years ago).

But basically, the idea is that copper might become the backing for a new global currency, since copper is far more useful and critical to the world (and because there’s a lot more of it to go around).

And whether or not this ever actually happens, the tease is that China is trying to strategically buy up copper reserves (and gold), and that you can “front run China’s hoarding of commodities” by buying this teased stock.

So finally, we get to some clues … ready?

“We found one junior mining company that is about to announce production breakthroughs in BOTH copper and gold.

“This very unique mining company first came onto our radar on May 5, 1993…

“An article in the New York Times mentioned in passing that this outfit could become one of North America’s lowest-cost producers of gold. We looked into it, and crunched the numbers, and found that they could produce an ounce of gold for only $147 (versus today’s industry average of $450 – giving them a huge edge).

“We didn’t know then that this gold mining outfit would mature into an $800 million producer of copper with operating profits of $48.3 million last year. And we didn’t know it would offer investors a uniquely satisfying way to front-run China in the commodities markets.

“So we watched… and waited… patiently.

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“Now, finally, we are ready to recommend what promises to be…

The best junior mining company in the history of junior mining companies.

Sounds pretty good, right? That’s enough for me to tell you who this company is, but let me share a few more of the clues that they spit out …

The company’s stock price is “roughly equal” to the book value of their copper.

3.6 billion pounds of copper and 7.7 million ounces of gold should be produced “in the next few years.”

Finally, we hear that “China’s people in Vancouver” have an eye on this miner … and we get a few more clues as follows in answer to those questions you’re probably asking yourself (to paraphrase, if it’s so good, why ain’t it expensive?”):

“First, the company is still a few weeks away from getting all the necessary approvals from the Canadian government. But our sources have confirmed that it is a done deal.

“Second, the company got hammered in the derivatives fiasco. Like everyone else, they had losses… and a lot of investors got spooked. As a result, the stock fell from a 2009 average of $6 all the way to 75 cents. For us, that flashed a big “pay attention” signal.

“A close look at the numbers gave us a lot to like.

“The stock has crawled back to $5 and today boasts a $926 million market value. As I said, that’s roughly equal to the value of the copper they expect to pull from the ground. It doesn’t include the gold… which could make a run at $2,000 in the next market-crashing inflation run-up!

“Add the copper and gold together, and this company could be worth $12.8 billion – about 13 times what it’s worth now!”

So who is it?

Taseko Mines (TGB in NY, or TKO in Toronto)

These guys did have a market cap of a bit over $900 million back in June, and a share price a bit over $5, though it’s tailed off since and the shares ar