“One Technology Can Keep America from Going Dark” (Money Map VIP Trader)

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 18, 2010

I was just puttering around this morning, trying to decide which ebullient and/or egregious teaser ad to focus on, when a new one came rolling in across the virtual transom … and it looked like just the thing to wake a Gumshoe up, so let’s dig in!

The ad is from Horacio Marquez for his Money Map VIP Trader, published by one of the many Agora offshoots in Baltimore — and for $495, he’ll tell you just how “This $300 billion breakthrough is poised to hand you an easy 412%, starting in 48 hours…”

Sounds good, right? Well, in that case the Stock Gumshoe version should sound positively delicious, coming as it does at the low low price of free (unless you choose, out of the goodness of your heart, to join the mighty horde of Irregulars). Of course, I’m not going to follow the stock for you, tell you what price to pay, or cover it in as much detail as Marquez probably will … but I can read the clues and sniff out the stock and the ticker, and tell you what I know about them.

Marquez, by the way, is also the one behind last fall’s breathless tease of the “Battle for the Third Element” that got a lot of attention … and that, along with the more recent Beryllium and Lanthanides teasers, gave me bad flashback dreams about trying to memorize the periodic table back in High School. But I’ll try not to hold that against him.

So let’s get started, shall we?

The tease is all about fiber optics — and about how a new technological breakthrough in these wee glass fibers can help prevent the kinds of internet outages caused by traffic spikes, data-hog smart phones, HD video and everything else that uses the increasingly bandwidth-hungry internet.

Marquez paints a horrifying picture of the problems that have hit internet users, including several examples that most of us probably heard about of smart phone problems — the data loss from the T-Mobile sidekicks and from the new Google Nexus One phone, iPhone outages, Blackberry outages, etc. Here are his words:

“Beyond the outrage and the lawsuits, every crash costs America millions of dollars – with potential losses in the billions.

“Right now, these cracks in the system are only getting bigger by the day.

“According to the U.S. Internet Industry Association, to fix the bandwith problem in the networks will now cost: “$300 billion to $1 trillion for the United States alone…”

“I’m here to alert you to one company with a breakthrough technology – the only one that can solve this crisis.

“Demand is already skyrocketing for this breakthrough. Just consider that this company’s income has already risen 45 times over in the last three quarters.

“And it’s got no competition. In fact, it’s about to hold every major telecom in the U.S. and abroad hostage – for a king’s ransom”

OK, so it’s worth remembering that choosing “the last three quarters” means that you’re starting at what most companies experienced as a significant earnings trough at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, so even a 45X increase in earnings might just be a “return to normalcy.” We’ll see.

So what other clues do we get? Here’s some more about the product:

“25 Trillion Bits Per Second… Wrapped Around a Pencil

“The breakthrough I’m talking about is in fiber optics – but not the way you may think about it….

“You see, the current fiber transmission rate is 2.5 billion bits per second. In its day, it was an incredible feat.

“Yet this new breakthrough technology creates a pipeline that handles 25 trillion bits per second.

“That’s 10,000 times greater than what’s commonly what’s being used throughout the world today.

“That alone would have any technology investing salivating over the prospects. Yet the true genius of this invention is even more powerful. It’s what has the major telecoms chomping at the bit…

“You see, this breakthrough technology is able to bend light.

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