A “Rule Breaker” and some “Cloud Disruptors”… A Smorgasbord of “Secret” Fool Picks

Checking in on a new teaser pitch from Tom Gardner's Motley Fool Cloud Disruptors 2020, as well as a "recent IPO" spiel from brother David Gardner's Rule Breakers newsletter.

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 13, 2020

The Motley Fool put together a new push for Tom Gardner’s “no. 1 technology investment” late last week, including yet another “presentation” with Tom Gardner, Eric Bleeker and Tim Beyers, so we’ve gotten quite a few questions… and I also got a few other questions this week about a David Gardner teaser pitch, so we’re going to double up and cover both of those today, a little more briefly than usual.

The first spiel is all about “Cloud Computing” as the Fool sells their Motley Fool Cloud Disruptors service. I looked through the clues to see if they had added anything since we covered a similar ad five or six weeks ago, and there isn’t a lot to add… but they do throw one or two new ideas out there in the email teasers.

The first wave of Fool “Cloud Computing” promotion was actually selling a different service, IPO Trailblazers, but it was sold with the same kind of “presentation” with the same people, and built around five cloud computing ideas that they called the “FAZER” stocks, since everyone loves a good acronym… the idea being that the cloud will be the next big thing after the FAANG stocks.

Here’s the Quick Take I shared with the Irregulars back on March 2, when I covered that teaser pitch:

Irregulars Quick Take
Newsletter: Motley Fool IPO Trailblazers
Stocks: Fastly (FSLY), Appian (APPN), Zoom Video (ZM), Elastic (ESTC), Roku (ROKU)
Travis’ take: This is a teaser ad for a presentation the Fool is doing tomorrow about “FAZER” stocks that could be the “next FAANG” ideas, small growth stocks to hopefully repeat the success of huge past winners like Netflix. I like Roku and Fastly and now own both (Trade Note: I just bought ROKU for the first time today after researching it again for this article, mostly because of the accelerating sales growth), and I find Elastic appealing but haven’t bitten yet after their “bounce back” quarter… Appian and Zoom I don’t find personally appealing, Appian because I don’t know what the real long-term opportunity is and growth is very weak given their valuation, and Zoom because I don’t understand how they can be meaningfully better than lots of other videoconferencing tools and justify their 50X sales valuation.

So I can’t tell you for sure whether those five IPO Trailblazers ideas are also Cloud Disruptors recommendations, but I’d guess that most of them are (those are two different services in the Fool’s “Discovery” series of products — which generally cost about $2,000 a year, are n