Tom Gardner’s “#1 stock across the entire Motley Fool universe right now?”

Quick check on Tom Gardner's latest fave

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 5, 2013

Dozens of folks have been asking me about this latest teaser for “Motley Fool One”, which is yet another Motley Fool service that aims to upgrade folks’ relationship with the Fool — they’ve progressed to running “real money” portfolios in recent years, investing the Fool’s own corporate portfolio, and having more interactive stuff like the Motley Fool Supernova service and professional management of assets through the Motley Fool mutual funds.

This one, Motley Fool One, sounds like it’s sort of an “all in one” service, which access to all the Fool analysts, but also somewhat of a personalized service, perhaps offering more of a financial planning kind of service for investors. Not sure I understand it particularly well, but the latest ad for this service for “1 in 100 investors” (I think y’all are one in a million, personally) is hinting at the “#1 Stock Across the Motley Fool Universe” …

And I thought you’d like to know what it is.

Don’t worry, I won’t make you sit through the hints and cluse this time.

So yes, it’s the same stock that Jeremy Phillips was teasing about a month ago — and while I was skeptical of the company and not all that interested personally, that sure turned out to be a missed opportunity for me. The stock was and is LinkedIn (LNKD), and it announced blockbuster earnings, and everyone is in love with this $20 billion company that has now climbed almost 50% in less than a month.

Holy crap.

Well, you can’t catch ’em all. I thought LNKD was too expensive before, and clearly it has grown ever more expensive now. You have to assume a high level of continued growth for a very long period of time to like this price, though that doesn’t mean such growth is impossible — or that investors won’t continue to be excited about an expensive stock (just look at to see how long a company with no earnings can go up and up and up based just on revenue growth and potential growth).

So … feel free to share your thoughts (or gloat) with a comment below if you were a lot more excited about LNKD than I was. The original article I shared on them in early February is here.

P.S. Gardner’s other stock that he’s touting as a foundational one for this Motley Fool One service is Starbucks (SBUX), which I would be a lot more comfortable with and have come close to buying myself on some of the dips in recent years — haven’t actually bought, unfortunately, but it’s an incredible and growing brand. That could be sour grapes, or it could just be that I like being a Starbucks customer, and I don’t particularly like using LinkedIn — we all bring our own baggage with us to the airport when we choose which stock to fly.

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