What’s “Britain’s Invisible Dynamo” Being Teased by Motley Fool?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 14, 2016

I don’t look at non-US newsletters all that often, but we do have a nice core of readers outside of North America, particularly in the UK and Australia, so I like to take a gander from time to time at the newsletter pitches being spun out by publishers in those countries.

And this one certainly caught my eye, because even though they load up the excitement the investment case is fundamentally pretty reasonable — there’s no promise of 10,000% gains, and it’s a real and profitable company they’re hinting at. Sometimes you just need to sit at your kitchen table and eat your simple breakfast of toast and coffee, and not dream about eggs benedict and mimosas under a thatched roof in the tropics.

The pitch is from the Motley Fool Share Advisor, which has been around for several years as the Motley Fool’s attempt to fully flesh out its UK operations — much like Agora before them, the Fool and one or two other large US financial publishers have spread their tendrils around the world (or, at least, the English-speaking part of the world) in search of a way to expand their brands and build their mailing lists. The ad letter comes from Mark Rogers, who apparently is now co-advisor for that newsletter, and they’re trying to get you to sign up for a £79 subscription (normally £149, naturally). That’s about $112 at today’s exchange rate, by the way, similar to where the Fool usually prices their flagship Motley Fool Stock Advisor for US customers.

Here’s the lead-in to the ad that caught my eye — at first, I thought this was another one of those 3D printing ads about manufacturing being dead (don’t worry, it isn’t):

“R.I.P. for British Manufacturing?

“Not So Quick. Hidden Along the River Wyre, a Phoenix Is Rising from the Ashes…

“How One Lancashire-Based ‘Invisible Dynamo’ Is Quietly Staking Its Claim as a World Leader in the Aeronautical, Medical, Energy, Automotive and Smartphone Industries

“INSIDE: Your Opportunity to Get in on the Ground Floor of what I’m calling ‘A Powerful NEW Industrial Revolution’”

This ties in nicely with the local news, since big steel company layoffs in Wales and elsewhere (most recently by Tata Steel) have folks worried about the competitiveness of the UK’s manufacturing base. Here’s more from the ad:

“But not all is doom and gloom in the world of British manufacturing.

“As the dying embers of UK steel production slowly smoulder out, you could be forgiven for missing a powerful ray of hope… in our own back garden.

“It’s time you were introduced to an unheralded, world-leading British company which finds itself in the vanguard of what I consider to be an exciting new ‘industrial revolution’.

“Deep within this nondescript industrial estate in Lancashire, lies what I like to call ‘Britain’s Invisible Dynamo’. A media-shy, ‘under-the-radar’ company — busy producing a breakthrough 21st century plastic.

“Stronger than aluminium… more durable than titanium…and 70% lighter than steel …

“This new-age polymer is already a key ingredient in automobile engines, iPhones, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, medical implants and dental applications. (More about these in a moment.)”