Who’s the Oddball UK Tycoon who (Motley Fool says) will make investors rich?

Checking out a teaser pitch for the Motley Fool UK's flagship newsletter

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 9, 2015

“HATED by the city‚Ķ

“DISLIKED by many of his own shareholders…

“IGNORED by investors who only read the tabloid headlines…

“This Controversial Retail Tycoon is About to Make a Daring E-commerce Play That’s Set to Take Many People By Surprise….”

That’s the intro to the teaser pitch from the Motley Fool for their Share Advisor service, which is intended to be the UK flagship newsletter for the company, the way Dave and Tom Gardner’s Stock Advisor is the heart of the Motley Fool’s premium US operations. The Motley Fool has been in the UK for a long time, but the Share Advisor letter is only two or three years old, an