“Special Ops” Targeted Commercial Real Estate Play

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 4, 2011

Today, for our Friday pleasure, I thought I’d dig into a teaser for a newsletter that you can’t subscribe to right now even if you want to — how sexy and exclusive is that?!

Actually, the teaser came out in a very abbreviated and clue-light form in an ad for the “re-opening” of a Motley Fool newsletter called “Special Ops” — it’s one of those letters that recommends “special situations” investments that they think are inappropriate for larger audiences, whether because they’re smaller, less liquid, or require a more nimble approach for some reason. They reopened the newsletter in the last week or two to expand to 3,500 subscribers, and apparently they filled that list pretty quick because the offer is now closed.

But still, I’m looking at a copy of their teaser ad — and there was one idea that sounded a bit appealing, so I thought I could at least identify it for you.

Here’s the sum total of the clues:

“One investment I’m watching closely is a strategic and targeted commercial real estate play — the kind that has made 700% for investors like us in the past!

“I’m not talking another mall, or some abandoned office building. But everyday shopping centers with essentials — like grocery and drug stores — that’ll perform in good times and bad…

“This company has a proven owner/manager who has done this all before, buying cheap and selling at a considerable profit… He did it in the 1990s… making investors an 8-bagger when he sold the company to someone willing to pay top-dollar.

“Recently, backers gave him over $400 million to go out and do it again in this real estate depression, and he has made brilliant strategic, targeted investments…

“And the word is not yet out. No one knows what he’s doing. But I do. And when the market wakes up and figures it all out, smart investors will be there first and their shares will soar.

“The important part in all this for you is: You really can make a lot of money investing this way. And you’d be surprised how you can do it without taking fliers on high-flying growth stocks or gee-whiz technology stories.”

I always like that line, “investors like us” — not that we’ve actually made these picks that could have made you rich, but people like us picked this stock. ...

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