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calvin e. sturdevant
calvin e. sturdevant
August 11, 2020 11:38 pm

just purchased the SA about a month .ago. Both stocks went up, but after several weeks they are both down. But not to fret; stocks go up and down, and the philosophy behind the Motley Fools is to buy great businesses that have a proven track record that will continue to go up farther even after down days.. Too soon how the SA will do for me. Their record of picking stocks has been phenomonal through the years, as can be seen on their performance page showing all investments since 2002. Make sure you find a broker that does not charge commissions on online investing, and that you work toward 30 good quality stocks in your portfolio. I am sure had i had more stocks, my overall performance would likley been better. By the way my investment in a S&P 500 index fund has gone up since.

September 5, 2020 9:30 pm

I joined MF SA as my only paid stock subscription. I hate it. The GUI is horrible. I’ll type in a stock symbol, and it won’t come up. Then I have to go to the ‘free’ fool web site to find it. They are STILL recommending ZOOM and SHOPIFY and TESLA. It seems like once they recommend something, they never ever say ‘this stock price is insane”. I always feel like I’m a year too late in getting the recommendations because the stock has already run up. I also despise the constant barrage of upselling, or the ‘you can’t know that because you haven’t paid for such and such service’. I would get more out of Seeking Alpha, I think, which has a number of authors plus ratings and financials. I love this site. It gives me all of the ‘secret’ stock picks that I need. If anyone ever brings up the fact that they [probably] overpaid for one of their stock picks on one of the MF boards, the person gets slammed with negative comments about how they are supposed to ‘wait 3-5 years’ to see results. Most of us don’t really want to watch a stock go sideways or down for 3-5 years, when it has already enjoyed its run. After about 6 months, I really can’t say that I’ve seen a single recommendation that is timely in 2020. Sure, it only takes one great pick to make you lots of money, but so far it seems like they are just recycling past picks that are questionable at today’s valuations [at least the valuations 3 days ago.]

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👍 18
December 15, 2020 10:39 am
Reply to  kitkat73

2020 was a tough year to get into stocks because of all the swings, could be tough if you went all in on the wrong day. I hate to say but if you wait 3-5 years (more to 5 years) you should see some good results but if that is too long SA is just not the right service for you since MF is all about buy and hold for a long time. I don’t work for them but can say I have done well following their advice and waiting years.

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Rick Worthington
Rick Worthington
September 7, 2020 10:10 am

I join motley fool 3 years ago. Bought 7 of their recommendations. Sold 2 because they just were stalled, kept 5. Up, way up on the five. try 10x my investment. I am ok with that.

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