“America’s $2.89 Trillion Super Weapon Revealed!”

Motley Fool's special report stock revealed: "The Rise of the Creative Class: 1 Jackpot! Stock Using the 'Microsoft Model' to Make You Rich."

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 2, 2013

“It’s not some new type of nuclear bomb… It’s not a secret stealth drone army… (We’ve already seen plenty of those lately)… And it’s definitely not some crazy Area 51 mad-scientist experiment.

“To tell you the truth, it’s the furthest thing from a killing machine that you could possibly imagine. But its 41 million moving pieces are making top Chinese officials nervous.

“And this is your ONE SHOT to cash in…

“Before the fat cats on Wall Street beat you to the life-changing profits.”

That’s the lead-in to the latest teaser pitch from the Motley Fool, for their flagship Stock Advisor newsletter, and it’s teasing what they call the latest “jackpot” stock pick from Fool co-founder David Gardner.

Gardner has certainly had some hits over the years, including some incredible long-term winners that required abundant patience but generated 1,000%+ returns, stocks that you’ll always hear the Fool ads tout like Priceline.com, Amazon.com, America Online, Marvel, and a few other shining examples … but that’s not to say he hasn’t picked his share of stinkers as well.

So what is the growth stock that he’s picking this time for Stock Advisor?

Well, as the Fool has been doing lately they’re having a different employee carry the water for the Gardners in the promotional hype-filled ads — this time around it’s Frank Stewart, who is a graphic designer at the Motley Fool … and the letter that’s running over his signature is all about how America’s $2.89 trillion super weapon is … the “Creative Class.”

The argument (short version) is that the creativity of the American worker, particularly the “creative class” folks like Frank Stewart who come up with new ideas, new visions, and new inventions will continue to give us a leg-up on global competitors whose societies don’t yet nurture those “creative juices.”

And, more importantly for our immediate consideration, he says there’s riches to be made on the rising importance of this “class” of folks:

“I’ve had a little help from one of the most famous investors in the world. Don’t worry; you’ll meet him in a bit. He was able to pinpoint one shocking company that stands to profit from this surging $2.89 trillion American super weapon.

“For now, this company is lying in wait. But make no bones about it. They’re merely biding their time. Waiting for the opportune moment to step out of the shadows.

“And when they do, they’ll be poised to reap unheard-of profits …

“And you’ll be right there with them. Ready to vacuum up what can only be described as a Microsoft-like 46,211.70% return in the stock market, if they follow the path I’m convinced they’re on.”

The ad also goes through a pretty standard Fool littany of long-term optimism, which which I have some sympathy — it’s true that there are lots of reasons for concern, but there have almost always been abundant reasons for concern and the global economy has always grown over the long term and rewarded the strongest companies, including recoveries from wars and depression and everything else.

It might well be that current financial crises or debt problems are worse than past ones, but we all have a tendency to believe that our current crisis is the worst possible one … and that feeds the fearmongers. Past performance is no perfect indicator of future returns, and I certainly hope to prepare myself for any future crashes and to remain diversified and focused on the long term … but I’m more comfortable relying on 75-year trends than on the worrisome present.

But that might just be my personality — I’m an optimist by nature, so I get turned off by doomsayers and cheered up by those who look at positive potential for the future, you certainly might feel differently.

Back to the teaser pitch — what’s the secret pick that they hint at as “the remarkable opportunity…[that could]… ultimately go down as David’s biggest Jackpot! Stock yet…?”

Well, it’s a play on the “Creative Class” that Frank Stewart belongs to, and I suppose I do as well — he cites author Richard Florida in talking about this, and this quote from an article last year sums up the idea of this economic force pretty well:

“I define the Creative Class to include people in science and engineering, architecture and design, education, arts, music and entertainment whose economic function is to create new ideas, new technology, and new creative content.”

Now, I won’t go off on my soapbox too much and say that the current us educational system is moving too much away from creative thinking and toward “teach to the test” rote learning that characterizes education in many other countries, including China and Japan where test obsession is said, by this ad at least, to help “stifle creativity.” I’m sure you all have your own thoughts on that matter.

No, we’re going to look at the company that the Fool is touting as a way to invest in the creative class … here’s more from the ad:

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“Unfortunately, you can’t exactly invest in the Creative Class itself. But luckily for us, there IS an alternative.

“Now, I’m going to have to ask you to strap yourself in for this part…

“In fact, this will be the single most important sentence of my entire conversation with you today…

“You CAN invest in a company that DRIVES the Creative Class.”

OK, so what’s the company? We’re told that it’s …

“Like buying Microsoft in 1986.

“Right before it became the most powerful company on earth….”

OK, now you’ve got me interested. Here’s more to whet your appetite …

“But how did Microsoft make dreams like these come true? Easy. They found a fast-moving trend that was undeniably revolutionizing the American economy. A trend they knew would last for decades. Then they created a product nearly every one of those computers would need in order to function.

“Starting to sound familiar? It should. Because David Gardner’s next Jackpot! Stock is doing exactly the same thing. Microsoft had their personal computer revolution. And David’s next big winner has the rise of the Creative Class…”

“… this company’s trajectory is so similar to