“Billion Dollar Blitzkrieg — 3 Unique Investment Opportunities” Motley Fool

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 8, 2009

Today, for our sleuthing pleasure, we’ll be looking at an email ad that a good number of folks have forwarded to me in just the last couple minutes — here’s how the Motley Fool entices us to start reading …

“‘Billion Dollar Blitzkrieg’

“IT’S COMING… And it could make 2010 the most profitable year of your life — if you take advantage of the 3 unique investment opportunities revealed below before it’s too late.”

Good heavens, I hope I haven’t wasted too much time preparing my snarky comments … it might be too late already! Quick, to the tease!

“This time last year, an epic storm began brewing behind the scenes on Wall Street…

“But the financial media was too busy pumping out headlines about the second Great Depression, government bailouts, and Bernie Madoff…

“So chances are you never even heard about it.

“That’s about to change…

“Because over just the past few months, this storm has swallowed up dozens of companies and grown hundreds of billions of dollars stronger.

“Now it’s about to forever reshape some of the world’s greatest businesses — not to mention make a select few well-positioned investors obscenely wealthy.

“Which is why the world’s top hedge-fund managers, private equity specialists, and Wall Street insiders have anxiously been awaiting a signal that the big money was about to be made.

“And that signal just began flashing loud and clear.

“Now JP Morgan estimates this once-in-a-decade storm will grow into an unstoppable $2.6 TRILLION force by 2011”

This “billion dollar blitzkrieg” that they jabber about is the wave of takeovers and mergers that has already begun, and that could grow from these “first ripples” — and they said that the “alarm bells” for this “monster storm” really began blaring when Berkshire Hathaway offered a 30%+ premium for Burlington Northern.

And they think there are many more deals to come — after companies spent the past year or so battening down the hatches, building cash hoards, and cutting costs, there is now some funding available for corporate dealmaking, and a lot of acquisition targets that are still relatively cheap.

Naturally, the Motley Fool folks have identified three top targets for you to make a profit from this “blitzkrieg” — and if you’d like to subscribe to their Stock Advisor newsletter, they’d be happy to tell you all about ’em.

Or, stick with the Gumshoe and we’ll scour the clues and share the names. What are these three companies?

One at a time, friends, one at a time … here’s the first one:

“… this overlooked American brand could be their next 1,400% winner…

“Just six short weeks after David Gardner helped investors strike it rich on Marvel, he recommended they move their money into another up-and-coming company with drastically undervalued multimedia assets.

“To be fair, he originally recommended this company back in 2003 — and it’s up a solid 105% since. But as he puts it, “investing in this company is a whole new game these days.”

“And frankly, that’s a bit of an understatement.

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“For one thing, this 84-year-old company has now partnered with none other than Marvel — giving it exclusive rights to manufacture some of the most profitable memorabilia tied to blockbuster Marvel movies and comics such as Iron Man and Spider-Man.

“But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“In David’s words, this is a company that has “reinvented itself around an iconic but underleveraged cast of characters.” And just like Marvel, this company has a whole stable of wildly popular characters that are now being made into major motion pictures.

“In fact, its two top-grossing films of 2009 brought in over $1 billion in ticket sales — pretty incredible when you consider the company is currently valued at just over twice that.

“And, of course, that $1 billion doesn’t even begin to take into account all the subsequent revenue it will see from memorabilia sales.

“You see, according to David, this company is just like Marvel in that it has ‘a deep catalog of intellectual property that can make money in lots of ways.'”

Well, it’s up in the air how old you consider this company to be — they started life as a fabric remnant firm, and the Hassenfeld Brothers became school supply magnat