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November 1, 2018 8:17 pm

i down voted
2018 The National Institute for Cannabis Investors, LLC.
but @ Money Map press
1 ]
they have NOVA-X which is supposedly doing this ,
a[ ideas only in newsletter
b] off the book recommendations that you can not reference for results [ i am up 100% , but that including my picks]
c [ no track record since no official recommendation
d ] any new newsletter i am supposed to get free
e ] this is not listed under money map but another publisher

A } some are in their bio/pharmacy newsletter
B } any new news letter i am supposed to get free

3 }
A } why is it money map but not ,, listed in there subscription ??
recommended in video
TGODF [ research this one before u buy ]

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Add a Topic
November 2, 2018 6:33 pm

I just saw an ad with John Boehner and Mike Ward pushing “Founding Member” status in NCIS. For $49 I figured what the hell, and subscribed. Before I could close the page I was offered a “Lifetime” membership, where I would be part of the “inner circle” (I presume I’ll get John Boehner’s home phone #), and my questions will be answered first, and I’ll have “access” to the corridors of power (unlike the ordinary shlubs who paid $49). This incredible lifetime opportunity was mine for just $495. You bet I took it. The amount of material I am supposed to receive by mail is absolutely staggering. But wait-as I’m trying to go back to doing some real work I get another Incredible Opportunity: Danny Brody will personally advise me on all upcoming Cannabis IPO’s, and get me ready to participate in these micro-cap wealth explosions, and even opportunities for angel investing (no mention of the incredible risk in angel investing, or that you need to be an accredited investor to participate), all for just $1950 (non-refundable) regular price will be $4,000 per year). Incroyable! At this point sanity returned and I declined their generous offer. But wait-there’s more! As I hit the button to decline, Mike Ward personally appeared to me and told me he really needs me on his team, so if I couldn’t swing the $1950 I could pay only $595 for a 3 month subscription. What a nice man. After asking him to leave I was redirected to Mr. Opollo, who does something important at NCIS and want me to call him NOW. To find out the name of a company that may win a patent lawsuit over some microscopic device that may allow it to dominate the medical fiel