“$25 could let you profit BIG from the global shift to tokenization” — What’s up with Jeff Brown’s “G.T.E” and “World IPO Day”

New ads talk up "20,000 IPOs in one day" -- What's being teased in ads for Brown's Near Future Report?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 14, 2021

Jeff Brown is pitching something he calls a “global token exchange” recently, abbreviating it “G.T.E.”, and reader questions are piling up on the doormat here at Gumshoe Manor, so it’s time to take a look…

The basic spiel, which takes the form of a long presentation/interview between Jeff Brown and a hired talking head that leads to an ad for Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report (that’s his intro level newsletter, $49/yr), is all about how “tokenization,” the process of making everything liquid and investable by breaking ownership it up into little pieces that are stored on the blockchain, is going to change the financial