Brown’s “The First AI Stocks I’d Recommend to anyone…” pitch

Jeff Brown's Near Future Report teases: "Which of These Three Stocks Could Create the World’s First Trillionaire?"
Let's ID them for you today so you can decide for yourself...

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 20, 2019

It looks like we’ve got another marketing wave from Bonner & Partners coming, this time in service of Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report ($199/yr), and we’re teased about the massive riches available from the advancements in artificial intelligence.

And the promises are, of course, huge… here’s a bit of the spiel:

“Remember when Apple made national headlines last year for reaching the one trillion dollar mark?

“Well, I’m predicting a small group of stocks…

“Those that take advantage of this new technology here…

“Will create at least 15 times more wealth than Apple.”

Brown also uses that “world’s first trillionaire” phrase that pretty much every artificial intelligence teaser pitch has put to use — yes, Mark Cuban did say that a little over two years ago… the actual quote was that “the world’s first trillionaire will be an artificial intelligence entrepreneur,” so, sorry — if you were hoping to get there with a passive investment, I guess you’re out of luck.

But still, there’s a lot of room for success below that “trillionaire” level — so what is it that we’re being teased with today?

More from the ad:

“…. Wall Street has completely missed this story.

“That’s because the science that created yesterday’s biggest tech fortunes…

“For companies such as Apple, Intel, and IBM…

“Has been swept aside.

“And replaced by new technology that’s up to 50x faster than any computer chip in your laptop or smartphone.”

And get ready for another buzzword! It’s not just A.I., it’s also 5G! Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll throw in cryptocurrencies, too… or marijuana!

“I’ve been researching this story for 5 years now. And I can tell you three companies will dominate this technology in 2019 and beyond.

“If you want to take maximum advantage of this opportunity, the time to get involved is now.

“That’s because this tech is critical for running applications on 5G wireless networks.”

I don’t know whether he’ll be right about the projected gains, or about when these transitions happen, but yes, 5G is likely to significantly increase the demand for cloud processing power, as faster connections means more and more of the actual “thinking” is done not on your device (your laptop or your mobile phone), but in the “cloud.” Which, yes, means better stronger faster servers and processors will continue to be in demand in those data centers.

Then we get to an image of the cool litlte “device” that Brown says will make this all possible:

“2019 is the year that ‘intelligent’ machines jump from science fiction into your everyday life.

“And none of it is possible without this device here.”