Invisible Fiber and a “$150,000 windfall” from “Weird New Antennas” — What’s Jeff Brown at Bonner talking about?

Near Future Report teases that we must "Act by July 27 October 1 for details on how you could amass a $150,000 windfall."
So what's the "$6 Digital King" stock they're recommending?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 11, 2018

I’ve been mostly sitting on the sidelines during the “Crypto Mania” this year, because, well, anything “manic” makes me nervous and I still haven’t been able to come up with a rational price argument for any cryptocurrency….

… so I haven’t recently dug into all of the recent “Amazon is going to choose a cryptocurrency and make us all rich” ads (partly since I’m sure that’s not going to happen), but one of the folks sending out those ads, Jeff Brown at Bonner and Partners, also has another newish ad out about “invisible fiber,” so that made me breath a deep sigh of relief — aha! A crazy growth promise that’s actually about something real that I can (maybe) understand! The game is afoot!

We first covered this story back in July, when he was promoting these same ideas with a July 27 deadline… now, the new made-up deadline is October 1. I’ve gone through and updated the article as needed to catch up with the new version of the ad, and to update my disclosures since I have some investments in this sector, but much of what is below was previously published on July 25.

So what’s the story? Jeff Brown is selling his Near Future Report with a promise of big gains… and he says this “Invisible Fiber” is about to lead to a windfall for investors… let’s dig into the ad and see if the clues get us far enough that we can think for ourselves.

Here’s a bit from the ad:

“On January 28th, a secret memo was inadvertently ‘leaked’ in Washington, D.C.

“It exposes a secret strategy for defeating our enemies…

“China, Russia, and North Korea—

“And doing it in one fell swoop.

“In this exclusive presentation, I’ll show you how to turn this ‘leak’ into an absolute fortune.”

Intrigue! Secret memos! I love it. But I don’t get what they’re talking about yet, so let’s hear some more…

“… in this memo, the General laid out a sensitive plan for ensuring the government’s global dominance in digital technology.

“We’ve dubbed it ‘Invisible Fiber’…

“It has the power to transform almost ALL of America’s technology, practically overnight.”

Brown says that this “invisible fiber” will bring wireless connections that are 1,000X faster, enabling telemedicine, remote presence technologies, and autonomous cars… so it’s pretty clear that he’s just referring to 5G — the next wireless standard that’s expected to eventually supplant 4G/LTE for mobile phones and, more importantly, bring much faster connections that enable the internet of things, faster communication that makes autonomous cars safer and much cheaper (since they’d be able to “think” on the cloud, instead of carrying around supercomputers), and who knows what else.

The sky’s the limit, if you believe the 5G evangelists, though it might be a while before we reach that limit since it’s also going to be an expensive upgrade for wireless companies, and no one’s entirely clear on who’s going to pay for all this new equipment… or the throughput and bandwidth of all the data generated by all those potential connected devices.

He even references some military applications, which I guess makes sense — after all, most of our valuable technologies got their start with some kind of military funding, from the internet to GPS to autonomous vehicles…

“This gamechanger technology could strengthen a weapon that’s already making traditional missiles obsolete.

“The U.S. Navy’s Laser Weapons System (LaWS) is operational…

“A single ‘shot’ from the LaWS laser system costs about one dollar.

“While it’s devastatingly powerful by itself…

“The REAL goal is having a coordinated battle group equipped with these weapons…

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“And being able to communicate 10x faster.

“This communication potential is why the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force are salivating at the prospects.

“The hardware is here.

“All that is missing is the digital platform to make it work seamlessly.

“That’s where Invisible Fiber comes in.”

While the pitch is made with that July 27 October 1 “deadline” to get rich, in the text of the ad he squishifies it a bit, talking up “a realistic shot to become one of the hundreds of new millionaires created over the next 18-24 months…”

And that’s a much more rational timeframe when it comes to thinking about 5G, of course — it’s still pretty early days, and the standards are just being agreed upon now as test projects go up around the world.

And there’s also quite a bit in the ad about that leak. He talks up the “secret” plans at the White House for 5G, and how one of the leaders of that effort on the national security front (that General) leaked the administration’s plans and was forced to step down… though what he really leaked was his aggressive memo proposing that the government essentially step in and take over the development of a 5G wireless network in the US instead of letting private tech and telecom firms invest and create these new networks.

Nationalizing communication networks is probably not going to win any fans on either side of the aisle in Congress, of course, and even the conservative head of the FCC spoke against it, so it’s not terribly surprising that that “leak” was treated like a trial balloon and shot down immediately. There’s also some argument to be made that the government was just trying to kick Verizon and AT&T in the butt a little bit and get them to accelerate their investment in 5G with a “if you don’t do it, we will” scare message.

But regardless of what role the government plays in accelerating or decelerating 5G buildout, everyone