Jeff Brown’s Cryptocurrency Pitch: “President Trump’s secret new ‘$10 billion dollar’ tech investment…”

The Near Future Report pitches bitcoin-related stocks... which ones?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 5, 2017

This is shaping up to be “bitcoin week” here at Stock Gumshoe — I wrote a bit more about my (befuddled and pessimistic) opinion about bitcoin itself late last week, and we got things rolling on Monday with David Gardner’s “bitcoin backdoor” stock

… and today, we move on to Jeff Brown at Bonner and Partners, whose pitch for his Near Future Report has Gumshoe readers saying “wha?”

The Near Future Report is Brown’s “entry level” newsletter (currently $74/yr), and the current ad talks up the rapid adoption of blockchain technology by the government, giving us that “February 18” date to make this sound more urgent (as if the fact that bitcoin has gone up a gazillion percent in recent years doesn’t already fill people with FOMO-urgency). Here’s a little taste…

“Insiders are already calling it ‘the greatest profit opportunity since the dawn of the internet.’

“But the really big news for investors comes from a government document I recently discovered…

“The document reveals that February 18th will mark the end of a 6-month investigation into integrating this technology across dozens of government systems.

“I believe this will mark the beginning of an investment mega trend that could make you as much as 21 times your money as this situation plays out.”

OK, so we’re talking more about the blockchain trend here, and less about the specific bitcoin or other cryptocurrency investments… which probably means that he’s pitching some of the tech stocks that supply hardware needed for bitcoin, but let’s check out some more of the ad…

“Mark Andreessen, one of the earliest investors in Facebook, says: ‘We’re quite confident… that when we’re sitting here in 20 years, we’ll be talking about this technology the way we talk about the internet today.’

“An ex-hedge fund manager and former Goldman Sachs partner says, ‘10% of my net worth is in this space. [It’s] the best investment of my life.’

“Already, the Department of Homeland Security has invested millions in a number of small companies developing this technology.

“The Centers for Disease Control and the General Services Administration are already experimenting with pilot projects.

“And according to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, nine in ten government organizations plan to invest in this technology.”

OK, so now do you feel bad? Everyone else is on bo