“Little Black Box Could End Mass Shootings Forever” from New Century Report

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 25, 2018

I’m recovering from illness, but have crawled back into the office to get a quick teaser solution out for you today… who loves you, dear readers? (And you’ll thank your lucky stars that the pipes of the interwebs don’t transmit viruses of the human variety, that was an ugly one.)

But you don’t care about that, naturally — you don’t have to go to school with my kids, and you don’t have to tolerate my pathetic whimpering in the face of agony. You just want to know what the latest get-rich-quick pitch is all about, right? So let’s get to it…

The pitch, which comes across as admittedly a bit opportunistic in the wake of another school shooting this week (though those hardly even make headlines anymore), is all about security and weapons scanning — I first saw this ad not long after the Las Vegas shooting, though I didn’t write about it at the time, and the ad seems unchanged since then. It’s a spiel in service of Alex Koyfman’s New Century Report ($79/yr) over at Angel Publishing.

Which is, to pre-warn you a bit, a little bit of an orange flag, if not a red one. A newsletter under $100 a year from one of the larger publishers, like Angel, is likely to have at least tens of thousands of subscribers if it’s at all successful… and a penny stock being pitched to that many people means that a large portion of the shareholder base is likely being driven by the buy and sell notifications of that newsletter. Which can bring a heckuva lot of volatility if that newsletter does anything other than “buy and hold.”

This isn’t news to you, I expect, but it’s worth remembering — often publishers keep the “penny stock” and “less liquid” recommendations in their higher-priced letters, partly to keep the audience down and decrease the impact they have on the share price of any recommended stock, and partly to save the “sexy stuff” for the folks who pay the most (and who can presumably afford the huge losses that speculative penny stocks often bring), but that doesn’t appear to be the case here — Koyfman’s going for more of a “mass market” penny stock letter here, it appears, in contrast to his $1,000 Penny Stock Millionaire service.

But on to the stock — what is it? Here’s how he gets the pitch going:

“Urgent: Approved for Immediate Use by the U.S. Government…

“This Little Black Box Could End Mass Shootings Forever

“A revolutionary anti-weapons technology approved in October 2017 by the U.S. government could…

  • Stop every mass shooting before a single shot is fired
  • Be installed in every single school, church, sports stadium, concert venue, office and government building, bank, shopping mall, train station, and airport worldwide
  • Dominate a global market worth over $1 trillion
  • And send the $1.20 NATO-backed stock that owns exclusive rights to this technology to over $32 a share in the next 12 months… and over $152 a share in the next three years as the rollout accelerates!

“Every major casino in Las Vegas could install as many as 50 of these devices in each of their hotels starting this year”

Which sums it up pretty well… are there any oth