Jeff Bezos Sells BILLIONS in Amazon Shares to Chase Galactic “Star Gas”…

What's Nick Hodge's Family Office Advantage pitching with "Star Gas Trillions: 30-Fold Gains As Helium Rises”?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 21, 2021

“Goldman Sachs Says It Will Create the World’s First Trillionaire

“And a tiny sub-$1 stock is racing to build a first plant this year!”

That’s the headline hype of the new pitch from Nick Hodge for his Family Office Advantage newsletter, in which he’s pitching a penny stock in the helium market (Ooops, I gave it away, “star gas” is helium… it’s OK, there are yet more secrets to unveil below).

And he goes on…

“3,000% Gains Might Be the Minimum…

“All Starting on September 30th”

Exciting, right? We do love a crazy super-hyped story teaser for a penny stock, and you can usually count on Nick Hodge to pitch a few of those a year. The “hook” for this one, given current events, is that the billionaire space race is partly a race to reach the trillions of dollars of natural resources in space, including massive helium reserves on the moon, and that’s decades off in the future if it happens at all… but it is a fun story. Here’s some more of it…

“These Billionaires Have Already Lost the “Star Gas” Race

“While they all had their heads in the clouds…

“A team of geological experts were busy looking underground.

“And now they’ve done it.

“They’ve made a shocking discovery of Star Gas here on Earth.

“Right here in North America, actually.

“And one tiny company holds the claim, clinching a $36 trillion victory that has gone completely overlooked.

“It beat the billionaires. And now you can too.”

And then he heaps on the hype, here’s just a small sample…

“At $640,000 per pound, Popular Mechanics estimates the moon’s helium to be worth $25 quadrillion if it could all be mined.

“It’s enough to power the Earth for 80,000 years. All with 100% clean energy.

“That’s almost impossible to fathom.

“It’s enough to create 25 million billionaires. It’s enough to turn every single U.S. citizen into a millionaire.

“This is the secret behind the ‘galactic gold rush.’

“It’s why billionaires — the SAME ones investing in fusion — are racing for one thing:

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“To own and mine the moon’s helium wealth.

“It’s why Goldman Sachs predicts it will ‘create the world’s first trillionaire.’

“But here’s the thing…

“We do NOT need to go to the moon to become rich.

“We don’t even need to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Or even North America.

“Because a hidden source of high-grade helium has just been discovered.”

And, to be fair, Jeff Bezos did have some science fiction-sounding thoughts following his brief trip out of the atmosphere on Tuesday, talking about the eventual need to move dirty and polluting industries into orbit to protect our planet… but he’s always a long-term thinker, ready to build on ideas that will take decades to get anywhere (Blue Origin, his space company, is now more than 20 years old, and he’s been pouring billions of dollars of his Amazon riches into it for most of that time, with very few signs of encouraging progress until the past few years).

What else do we learn about this secret stock, which is presumably extracting helium somewhere on our continent?

That’s pretty much it… it trades for less than a buck, it is in the process of actually beginning some sort of project, maybe a pilot project, within the next few months (September 30 is thrown around as the deadline), and it’s fairly new… these are the specific clues on that:

“This company has figured out how to extract viable helium from old natural gas wells.

“And it has been busy identifying the best wells in North America in a race to create the world’s first new heliu