Friday File: “Cryogenic Blood” plus a buy and some earnings updates

Looking at another Nova-X teaser, plus notes on DIS, BRK-B, ATVI, TTD, INSG, IIPR and others

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 9, 2019

I covered a “powdered plasma” ad from Michael Robinson just yesterday, but it turns out the he’s also flogging “cryogenic blood” separately, in different ads for his same Nova-X Report newsletter, so I thought I better follow up to get rid of any confusion. The Thinkolator concluded that yesterday’s ad, teasing a Pennsylvania company, was hinting at Teleflex (TFX), an interesting medical tech conglomerate with a new powdered plasma product that’s likely to get approved… but it’s pretty big, with lots of divisions, and is not even close to being a “pure play” investment in that freeze dried plasma.

But today’s is different — it’s not “powdered blood,” it’s “cryogenic blood” that we’re being teased with… though the hinted at huge impact on the health of soldiers, children and other patients is similar.

Here’s a little taste from the order form:

“The FDA has already approved a tiny $6 firm’s cryogenic blood technology for use in the U.S.

“And it’s about to enter into full-scale production.

“Over 20 of the nation’s largest blood centers will be supplying this technology across large parts of the country.

“Soon, major injuries that were practically a death sentence will be as easy to treat as a cold or fever.

“Scientists predict that over 800 children per day could be saved once they get access to this technology.

“That’s over 292,000 children per year.”

So that’s a little different than the ad we looked at yesterday, though the big picture claims are similar. Here’s a little more:

“It’s giving “superhuman” healing powers to American soldiers… dying cancer patients… even infants…

“It’s increasing their chances of survival by over 95%…

“And on September 30, the FDA is expected to make it the standard of care – with one tiny $6 firm holding the only FDA-approved patent.”

So who is this company?

“In 2014, they received FDA approval to produce a specialized cryogenic blood that only they can make.

“Once the FDA approves cryogenic blood as the new standard of care on an expected date of September 30, they will be set for complete domination….

“That’s Why Experts Call This Company ‘Essentially the Only Player in This Market.'”

Other clues?

“They also recently received a massive order from Germany for 580,000 units of their cryogenic blood.

“And France just adopted it as the standard of care throughout the entire country.

“And with their new ...

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