Nova-X Report’s “Productivity Supercharger” Stock

What's being hinted at by Michael Robinson?

Michael Robinson has a “teaser article” out now, outlining some of his rationale for investing in a collaboration software company… but neglecting {ahem!} to mention the name of said company.

So, naturally, questions roll in… and your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe does like to provide answers.

The article in question is here if you want to read the whole thing, but we’ll try to sum up his points and check out the clues for you.

Robinson starts with his basic “things are going well” spiel:

“… inflation remains tame because productivity is on a roll. The U.S. Labor Department just said productivity gains in the first quarter were the best we’ve seen in more than eight years….

“Wall Street now expects the Federal Reserve to remain dovish this year. If inflation is under control in a fast-moving economy, there’s very little risk the central bankers will really ramp up interest rates.

“For tech investors, this is particularly good news. After all, companies across the board have been adding tech platforms that bring in new growth, while also making workers more efficient.”

And then starts to hint about his favored stock…

“Today, I’m going to show you how you can ride this trend with what I call the ‘Productivity Supercharger.’

“It’s a stock that is set to crush the market over the next several years….

“To be fair to my paid members, I can’t reveal the name and ticker symbol. But it remains an open holding in our portfolio, and I see plenty of upside ahead.”

What other hints does he drop?

He says that the company has such a great product that they’ve never had a sales force — apparently, the stuff sells itself, and they now have 144,000 customers.

And apparently they sell a variety of collaboration and “teamwork” software solutions, starting with a “collaboration toolset” and building that out with new products they’ve developed and acquisitions they’ve made over the years. Here’s a bit more from the ad…

“Clients put together teams to come up with a new product or service idea. From there, they hand it off to another team that develops the concept and assesses the market. After that, yet another team builds out prototypes, before handing it off to the production team, and then on to the sales team.

“At every stage, these clients turn to the Productivity Supercharger for the next level of teamwork software.”

And a couple specific hints about those acquisitions:

“In January 2017, our Productivity Supercharger bought one of the world’s fastest growing project management services firms that had a focus on enterprise messaging (EM).

“This past September, the firm acquired the leading software provider that is used by engineers to quickly learn about software and website outages.

“And in March, our software dominator bought a firm that helps brings together the teamwork happening across an organization into an all-encompassing view that connects strategy, work, and outcomes.”

And the growth has been remarkable — they’ve grown sales at 41% a year over the past five y