What are those “Mysterious M-Boxes” teased by Nova-X Report?

Releasing a Nova-X teaser solution an older Friday File

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 14, 2019

*** This article was originally published as part of the Friday File on March 8, 2019. It has been (very) lightly updated and unlocked for everyone to read ***

Today’s teaser that we’ll feed to the Thinkolator is from Michael Robinson for his Nova-X Report ($79/year), and it sounds kind of familiar….

These Mysterious ‘M-Boxes’ – Hidden in Your Neighborhood – Are About to Spark a $12 Trillion 5G Cash Rush…

The ad is pretty similar to the “Weird New Antennas” pitch from Jeff Brown at Bonner & Partners last year, also about 5G and the big wave of investment there will be as these 5G stations are installed around the world… largely because 5G, in order to work effectively, has to have antennas much closer to users than 4G/LTE — they can’t rely just on towers or a few big collections of centrally located base stations, they need to have a “M-Box” every block or so in urban areas.

More from the ad:

“And make no mistake: Inside this box is the most important new technology to be created in decades – capable of completely changing life as we know it.

“I’m talking about 5G, of course.

“And it could also change your financial life in ways most people only dream about.

“Millionaire status?

“You might want to start thinking bigger…

“A whole lot bigger…

“I wouldn’t be surprised if these little black boxes created the world’s first TRILLIONAIRE!”

There’s a lot of chatter about 5G bringing forth the “fourth industrial revolution,” as well, and I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about that before — I won’t bore you with a huge spiel, but it’s basically that 5G will offer a combination of much faster transmission speeds that can move dramatically more data, and also that the latency will be so low that you can have essentially real-time interactions and decisionmaking by machines… so 5G makes all the dreams of robust “Internet of Things” interconnected machines more feasible, it could power driverless cars, etc. etc.

More hype:

“And these little “M-Boxes” I’ve been telling you about…

“They’re creating a 5G world, right now as we speak.

“The network that will make EVERYTHING possible is forming right before our very eyes….

“… these little “M-Boxes” are like “super-connectors” – they are the foundation upon which the new world will stand…

“Imagine a world-renowned surgeon in Los Angeles… performing emergency brain surgery on an accident victim… while the patient is still in the ambulance… on the Pennsylvania Turnpike… over 3,000 miles away!”

Then we get into some specific hints about the “M-Box” company he’s teasing:

“… a lot of big companies – including AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast – are going full force into 5G.

“Now, you can go ahead and invest in those companies right now, if you like.

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“It’s a safe bet you’ll make a decent return.

“But there’s one company I want to introduce you to that’s completely under the radar.

“But it has the potential to make you exceedingly wealthy.

“Right now it’s criminally undervalued. Shares are up for grabs for just $6 a pop!

“Heck, that could be the deal of the decade right there…”

Hmmm…. might this be the same stock as Jeff Brown’s pitched “$6 Digital King?” Let’s see if we get some other clues…

“… this one company has a specific technology that is an essential requirement for making 5G work the world over.”

OK, note that he didn’t say “exclusive” … but “essential” is pretty go