What the heck is “NanoCrystal Electricity?” Will it “Magically Power Everything” and “pay out 78 times your money?”

Checking out the latest wireless electricity teaser from Michael Robinson's Nova-X Report

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 17, 2018

Michael Robinson this week is pitching his Nova-X Report with a promise that “we’re about to witness one of the most massive rollouts in history” as a new “magic electricity” ends the days of wires and plugs and dead batteries and makes us all filthy, stinkin’ rich.

So what the heck is he talking about? The promise is large and glorious, and designed, of course, to get you to hurry up and subscribe to Nova-X Report (which is his “entry level” report, $39/year currently) … and that promise incites daydreaming, with thoughts of cars that charge wirelessly, without big bulky high-voltage plugs… blenders that make you margaritas on the beach… coffeemakers that work inside your car.