What’s this teased “Moneymaking Miracle of Powdered Blood Plasma?”

Michael Robinson hints at "10,000% Windfall on this Lifesaving Breakthrough" in the "Freeze Dried Blood" ads for Nova-X Report... so what is it? Thinkolator results for you...

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 8, 2019

Michael Robinson delights in throwing around words that start all investors a-drooling… “ground floor investor” … “rare opportunity” … “windfall” … and, of course, “one tiny company.”

So what’s all that language in service of this time? A teaser pitch for his Nova-X Report that promises “A Chance to Be a Ground-Floor Investor in a Tiny Pennsylvania Company on the Verge of Making History.”

All you have to do is sign up for Nova-X Report, which is his “entry level” newsletter (the sale price today is $39) that they use to build up their list of folks who they can then upsell to the “back end” newsletters at Money Map, like Robinson’s Radical Technology Profits ($4,000/year).

Or, of course, if you don’t feel like committing to a newsletter, you can read on for a few more paragraphs, see what the Thinkolator finds out, think about it for yourself once the “secret” has been revealed, then decide whether or not you want another subscription… without the pressure of being manipulated to feel that “my $39 means I’ll get rich with a 10,000% windfall!”

And no, you’re not likely to get a 10,000% windfall out of this one. Sorry, those don’t happen very often… and when they do, for huge past gainers like Netflix or Amazon, it takes decades for the story to develop and generate those kinds of gains.

So what are the clues about this stock? Here’s what Robinson says…

“This company’s radical new powdered plasma treatment has been deemed so critical… it’s been granted Emergency Use Authorization by the federal government.

“This is an extremely rare and special ‘fast-track’ designation that allows it to bypass FDA testing and go straight to market.

“In fact, with 1.3 million soldiers fighting in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, the U.S. military plans to rush this treatment to their troops immediately.”

So what does this stuff do?

“… this powdered plasma halts blood loss… then miraculously regenerates, repairs, and heals severe injuries without dangerous side effects.”

The real market for this, of course, would be far larger than the military if Robinson is correct:

“The Tiny Pennsylvania Company at the Center of This Treatment Could Be on the Verge of a $30 Billion Cash Grab.

“Leading analysts estimate the powdered plasma blood market to soar to $30 billion in just the next few years.

“And with this tiny company getting Emergency Use Authorization – they are essentially the only player ‘in the game’ supplying this treatment.”

And he implies that this big move is just around the corner:

“The small Pennsylvania firm’s powdered plasma is about to enter full-scale production for use in the U.S.

“That means in a few short months, all 5,500 hospitals and 7,100 urgent care centers in the United States could have access to this powdered blood technology.

“In fact, this treatment is anticipated to soon become the new standard of care in the United States.”

That’s probably not true — the military somewhat regularly gets special rapid approval for drugs or medical treatments for soldiers in the field, and the data they get from that use might help to speed up civilian adoption… but this would still have to jump through FDA hoops to get approved for commercial use.

There’s always a market research analyst out there who’s willing to forecast a number, and it looks like Robinson found one here:

“Analysts at MarketsandMarkets have projected spending for plasma to reach almost $30 billion by 2023. “

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This is the press release for that research report, by the way. It forecasts the plasma market growing at 7% a year, though, of course, this “freeze dried” plasma is not a meaningful part of that. Maybe it will be, I don’t know.

What other hints does Robinson drop? None, really, just more hype like “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lock in a ground-floor opportunity on the biggest medical breakthrough since the discovery of penicillin.”

So is that enough clues to get our results? I fed it all to the Thinkolator, which is still a little