Why We Take the Bait

Doc Gumshoe looks at some more health promos -- what's the "Universal Vaccine?"

By Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe", June 12, 2019

One would think that it would take a person of normal intelligence about half a minute to conclude that lures such as the ones below could not possibly be on the up and up.   Here’s one.  It starts out with a note from Christine O’Brien.

“The Sovereign Investor Daily

A brand new, ‘Alzheimer’s vaccine’ is available RIGHT NOW … if you act fast.

It works differently than the vaccines you got as a kid, but this incredible 100% natural “Alzheimer’s vaccine” is saving lives.

Results are amazing doctors across the country … every leading medical school on the planet — Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA recognize it as essential.

If you’re over 55 — this ‘Alzheimer’s vaccine’ is a MUST….

— Christine O’Brien

P.S. The ‘Alzheimer’s vaccine’ works even if you’re already experiencing memory loss. In one study, damage was reversed in 99% of patientsBut you need to act fast, find out where to get it here…

Then, if you click on the link, the interminable presentation starts out with this:

“Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist Unlocks ‘Universal Vaccine’ for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, & Alzheimer’s

“Survival Rates Soar 2,000% as Tumors VANISH… Blood Sugar PLUNGES…
Arteries CLEAR… and Lost Memories are RESTORED!”

And here’s the identical presentation but under a different title, also starting out with a note from that same Christine:

Restore American Glory.com

“Dear Patriot,

“Imagine walking into your local pharmacy tomorrow morning at 10:00 am…

“And walking out 15 minutes later feeling INVINCIBLE…



Today, thanks to a Nobel Prize-winning discovery, that dream has become a reality.

“In fact, an all-in-one “Universal Vaccine” based on a 1912 discovery is now available in the United States…

“And at this moment, ‘inoculated’ against cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease and more…

“If you’re over 55, the “Universal Vaccine” is a MUST.

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And Christine’s nice little note is followed by the identical interminable spiel, with the identical header, with the reference to the “Nobel Prize-winning discovery,” the 2000% increase in survival rates, and the amazingly high degree of effectiveness against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, all these bolstered by claims that tumors vanish, blood sugar plunges, arteries clear, and lost memories come flooding back.

There’s yet another spiel, under yet another header, making not quite identical claims. Here’s how it leads off:

“Overlooked for decades, SHOCKING new research indicates…

“This deadly ‘sleeper’ virus triggers Alzheimer’s

“If you were born before 1967, there’s a 90% chance you have it. Here’s how to deactivate the virus that is stealing your memories—and REVERSE the damage that’s already been done…

“Are you worried about the increasing number of ‘senior moments’ you’re having?

“Do you struggle with brain fog and fatigue?

“Is your memory getting progressively worse?