Bob Czeschin’s Oil Antidote to Al Qaeda

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 29, 2011

Before I get started today with our Friday File I do want to do a couple things:

First, to thank you for your continuing patience as we try to fix lingering technical problems after our site was taken down by attack two weeks ago. None of our data has been compromised, but a small percentage of readers are still unable to access the site, and for that I’m very sorry. I’ve got our tech folks going through and trying to figure out the lingering problems, so please, if you’re unable to access and you have a moment to help us test the possible problems, drop me a line (

For those of you using ongoing PayPal payments for your Irregulars membership, you might notice that our receipt messages for those payments are going out a bit late — we are not cutting off access, and payments are going through as scheduled but the delay in officially recording payments is likely to continue … sorry!

And second, as a rare “sneak peek” bonus: Many of you have also been asking me about the teaser going around from Patrick Cox about a “magic bullet” technology that “crushes cancer tumors within 36 hours” … I haven’t written about this one yet or looked into all the details, but I can give you, my favorite readers, the heads-up that this is almost certainly Seattle Genetics (SGEN), and I’ll probably write it up on the main site sometime early next week. So keep your eyes peeled for that and you can watch your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe bumble through yet another biotech article about technology he doesn’t really understand (fun!)

Over the past couple days several folks have emailed me the latest teaser ad from Bob Czeschin for his Oil and Energy Investment Report — he’s one of the old lions of the financial newsletter business and publishes a very simple letter, doesn’t even have a website as far as I can tell (if you Google “Oil and Energy Investment Report” you’ll get … the reviews of that letter here on this very site, which are mixed).

This teaser letter tells a good story, if a frightening one … based on fears that Al Qaeda, particularly with the Yemen situation very unstable, is likely to be going after the big, lightly guarded (he says — I don’t know) pipelines in Saudi ...

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