2017 “No Brainer TRUMP Presidency Pick”

Myron Martin proposes a solution to Keith Schaefer's Promo for a Trump Opportunity

By takeprofits, January 4, 2017

[ed. note: Travis is passing the keyboard to Myron Martin for a quick note today — Myron has usually focused on researching junior mining stocks for the Irregulars, but he sent in this teaser solution that he thought more readers would like to investigate. We have not looked into the stock being teased beyond what Myron writes below, but feel free to join the discussion with a comment if you have an opinion. Thanks for reading!]

I read Keith Schafer’s bulletins regularly because I consider him one of the most knowledgeable oil and gas analysts in the business—a straight shooter who has made millions in that business. I know Keith and have met and talked with him on several occasions and trust him as honest and sincere. If and when I have enough capital to diversify into oil and gas big time as he does, justifying investing in his service, I will probably do so. I agree with Keith that oil and gas companies with good acreage in the Permian Basin are the current profit centre for energy.

As he notes in his latest teaser ad:

This company is a direct bet that the Permian Basin in Texas will be the most active place for drilling in the country. There is no doubt that the oil industry will make Swiss cheese out of the Permian – drilling thousands of wells.

That’s because the Permian Basin is by far the most profitable oil play – in the whole western world, really.

This promo is my real centre of interest because Keith has been running a similar ad for several months now that sent me on a “wild goose chase” looking for a small company with huge drilling potential in the Permian, where I myself owned several stocks that have done well. I don’t consider it a waste of time because I have found some interesting stocks I will report on in future. However, about half way through Keith’s promo for his newsletter I realized that while I had not found a perfect fit for his Permian based stock, since the election of Trump he has added more clues and now calls his micro cap play in effect his “TRUMP CARD” that a Trump presidency can turn into another ten bagger like his previous wins in the sector.

He says:

Trump’s energy plan is so simple. It involves a lot less red tape… And a lot more drilling. President Trump wants to unleash the full potential of the American shale industry.

Trump has laid out 7 key elements in his “America First Energy Plan”. Every one of them is tied to the exact same theme. The United States is going to drill for oil like there is no tomorrow. That creates The Trump Opportunity.

You really need to listen to his video in full to get the whole story so when I disclose the name of the company he is touting you will be able to check my research to verify I have identified the company correctly. Actually, as soon as he mentioned “frac sand” (a new clue added since earlier versions) I knew what company he was touting:

I’m still not bullish on oil prices. But I am bullish on another commodity. It is a commodity that is closely related to the oil business…That commodity is sand—as in fracking sand. A very specific type of sand that is not found in many locations.

This sand is the single most important ingredient in getting oil out of shale rocks…Frac sand is a commodity that is going to see explosive demand over the next 10 years….

My Micro-cap Trump Opportunity has more going for it than just being in the right industry. It has the most highly coveted type of sand…the very best sand to use.

In fact I already owned the stock based on my own research. Keith boasts about doing a lot of fundamental research, spending a great deal of time and money, and I can say the same, the difference being his is focussed on energy and mine on metals.

Keith ties it back to the location here:

This frack sand company not only has the best sand—it has the best location. Almost ALL frac sand used in the Permian comes from… Wisconsin. That may as well be The North Pole. My Micro-cap Trump Opportunity can beat every competitor when it comes to cost—because it’s A LOT closer to the Permian.

The company in question is Select Sands Corp. (SNS.V, SLSDF). Here is a press release that covers the essence of the company’s situation that fits all the clues given in Keith’s promo. I recommend that in doing your own due diligence you check out their website and read other recent press releases.

As per agreement, I will not trade in this stock for at least 72 hrs after this appears in print so you have an opportunity to grab some shares before I increase my stake. With Keith’s considerable following, the stock is bound to rise as the company ramps up production and becomes better known. With a micro cap like this that is still more of a speculation than an investment, I recommend that you put no more than 1% of your available capital into this stock initially. Build your position progressively as the company ramps up production and sales through the next year, so that concentrated buying does not drive up the price to an unsustainable level ahead of the fundamentals of the company’s natural growth.