“Ellis White’s $12 Billion Oil Map” revealed, plus some portfolio updates and thoughts

Friday FIle chatter about Travis' portfolio, plus a solution to Keith Kohl's latest Oil & Gas Trader teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 18, 2014

For our Friday File fun today I’ve got a couple udpated thoughts and check-ins on some companies that I follow and have written to you about before, but I also always like to toss in a teaser solution as we go along — so first we’ll have a look at the latest pitch from Keith Kohl for his Oil & Gas Trader.

Oil & Gas Trader is Kohl’s more “active” and expensive advisory, this one looks for quick hits and carries a pretty stiff $999 subscription price. It hasn’t been around that long as far as I can tell, we’ve covered it just once before when it looked like he was teasing Callon Petroleum (CPE) back in early January — that stock has worked out pretty well, up 60% or so.

Which leads us to today, with the tease of “Ellis White” and his fantastical “oil map” that he keeps in his head and that has helped him to build several companies that have been bought out for huge paydays. And, naturally, Kohl says he’s got the next “Ellis White” stock ready to drive profits for you today.

And no, Ellis White is not his real name — they have to make it slightly more challenging than that or the Thinkolator won’t take it seriously. It’s not a super-difficult teaser pitch this time around, of course, it’s really just the CEO’s name that is obfuscated, but we don’t mind solving an easier one from time to time (even if you’ve already got the answer in mind this gives us a chance to chat about it). It’s almost the weekend, after all.

Here’s how Kohl gets us intrigued:

“The $12.1 Billion Map

“No map has EVER been this valuable…

“Yet you won’t find a hard or digital copy of it anywhere on earth

“The reason? One man keeps it memorized for fear of it falling into the wrong hands

“Thing is, the SEC just made him reveal his next step… and it could mean $45,560 in YOUR pocket….

“The Map Worth Five Figures to Anyone Who Knows About It

“The man’s name is Ellis White…

“And for the past four decades, he’s devoted his time solely to the creation of the world’s most valuable oil map….

“… one man currently holds the world’s most valuable oil map… the highest priced map in history.”

What exactly this “map” is ...

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