“Ellis White’s $12 Billion Oil Map” revealed, plus some portfolio updates and thoughts

Friday FIle chatter about Travis' portfolio, plus a solution to Keith Kohl's latest Oil & Gas Trader teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 18, 2014

For our Friday File fun today I’ve got a couple udpated thoughts and check-ins on some companies that I follow and have written to you about before, but I also always like to toss in a teaser solution as we go along — so first we’ll have a look at the latest pitch from Keith Kohl for his Oil & Gas Trader.

Oil & Gas Trader is Kohl’s more “active” and expensive advisory, this one looks for quick hits and carries a pretty stiff $999 subscription price. It hasn’t been around that long as far as I can tell, we’ve covered it just once before when it looked like he was teasing Callon Petroleum (CPE) back in early January — that stock has worked out pretty well, up 60% or so.

Which leads us to today, with the tease of “