“Extraterrestrial Gold” … “Tesla is betting it all on this tiny $1 company” says Oil & Gas Trader

Keith Kohly says "60-cent company has found a mother lode of an otherworldly element..."

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 10, 2016

This article was first posted on May 12, but readers keep asking about it so we have pushed it back to the top of the page for your edutainment. No, Tesla is not “betting it all” on this one little company, but there is, as always, a bit of truth behind the tease… and in case you’re curious, the price of the stock being hinted at in the ads has clawed back maybe 15-20% from the dip it took right before we wrote about it (the ads appear not to have changed at all).

Which means I feel just fine about not changing my words, either — the balance of this article is unchanged from when it first ran on May 12, 2016. We’ve left all the original reader comments in place as well. Enjoy!

—from 5/12/16—

We can open this up with the easy solution: “Extraterrestrial Gold” is lithium.

Kohl says as much if you sit through the first 2/3 of the lengthy presentation, but there you have it — two seconds in, and you know that today we’re talking about another lithium stock. Now you’ve got your freedom — wanna know what it is? Just stick with us for a moment and we’ll sift through the clues and get you the basics, and let you think for yourself about the merits.

Don’t care? That’s fine, we’re done for today and you can go about your business. See you tomorrow!

Still here? OK, we’re assuming that you don’t want to spend $799 a year to subscribe to Kohl’s energy-focused trading advisory… you just want to hear if there’s some underlying truth to this “Extraterrestrial Gold” pitch about a tiny little 60-cent lithium miner… right?

Well then, with no further ado…

Kohl’s pitch even ties in Area 51 and all the UFO mystery for us…

“Area 51 is full of secrets…

“Many believe the U.S. military base houses the remains of crashed alien spacecraft.

“But just a short, two-hour drive away, in the middle of the searing-hot desert, a group of scientists has discovered something even more mystifying…

“It’s hands down the most exciting (and unusual) moneymaking opportunity of my career.

“See, a small, $0.60 exploration company has made an incredible discovery right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

“It’s found one of the world’s largest deposits of a crystal-like metal we’re calling ‘Extraterrestrial Gold.'”

And he makes some logical leaps as well — implying that this “extraterrestrial gold” is responsible for the most advanced variations of prototypical lithium batteries…

“‘Extraterrestrial Gold’ could be manipulated to create batteries that ‘last almost forever,’ according to Great Britain’s national newspaper, The Independent.

“Imagine a cell phone battery you could recharge in just a few seconds and you never have to replace…

“Or imagine taking your home off the fossil fuel grid forever thanks to a battery capable of storing all the energy your family will ever need…

“These aren’t pipe dreams. ‘Extraterrestrial Gold’ is making all of this a reality… with orders already pouring in.”

That’s not really about lithium, it’s a materials science story about new battery chemistry, using lithium in a different way… and about using a solid instead of a liquid (and flammable) electrolyte in batteries, but we’re a long way from having any idea whether this will be the real solution for more batteries, or from knowing whether those solutions will have an impact on how much lithium the battery industry consumes (less? More? I have no idea).

He then spends much of the first half of his ad getting you excited about the mystery behind this mineral, talking about how it comes from outer space and will revolutionize energy — all of which is probably at least halfway true. From what I can tell, scientists believe that most of the lithium deposited on earth of the millennia was originally created from stellar activity, going back to the big bang and including novae and solar flares… and lithium is indeed a primary comp