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October 27, 2017 12:16 am

I have been getting emails from this service for some reason, and after listening to the presentation I was worried that he had discovered the same system as I came up with last year. He does have half of an idea, but you all are right, spreads are a terrible way to try to make money, either in puts or calls. All they do is expose you to risk and decrease profit. What I have come up with has only one trade,which I do only on the s and p 500 and has no loss down to a 20 percent market loss. As of today I am up 120000 on the year with an account that started at 280000. It requires no learning, just rote execution of the same trade over and over. I have tried to make contact with someone who is a real player, including Wisdom Tree and Kevin Oconnor and another fairly large money manager, but to no avail. It is obvious that none of them believe that they have missed something structural about the market, and I can’t tell them what it is without giving the whole thing away. Does anyone here have an in with someone in the business who would be willing to open his mind just a crack to find out something new? I will get rich with this, but I want to cut some time off of the schedule.

October 27, 2017 5:24 pm
Reply to  Scott

Please take your self promotion to a different thread that people one will read on its own merit, not try to use a well read thread to divert to a self promoting ad. People have the opposite reaction to your intent. This is a credible forum with comments that are genuine and keeps readers coming, let’s keep it that way.