Explaining “Payroll Certificates” as pitched by Oxford Bond Advantage

Checking out the "guaranteed by law" income pitch from Steve McDonald

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 4, 2015

Steve McDonald made some friends in the world of Gumshoe a few years ago, when his income-focused advisory The Bond Trader was doing pretty well.

He moved on from that to a service with a similar strategy for the Oxford Club folks called Oxford Bond Advantage, and he’s now pitching that newsletter by tantalizing readers with the idea that you can get “Payroll Certificates” that are “obligated by law” to pay you.

So that sounds pretty good, right? Let’s dig into the details a bit. He sums it up pretty nicely in the intro to the ad:

“If you’re concerned about retirement, forget relying on Social Security… stocks… real estate… banks… or annuities. These specific companies are obligated by law to pay you at least$56,744 once you enroll.

“Hi everybody, I’m Steve McDonald and I hope you’re sitting down…

“Because what you’re about to see will change the way you look at money forever.

“It’s one of the only money sources in the world where it’s mandated by LAW that you get paid.

“For lack of a better name, I call them ‘Payroll Certificates.'”

That’s probably enough for many of you to hazard a guess as to what he’s talking about, but don’t spoil the surprise — we don’t want everyone to hear the idea and get bored and wander off… (OK, here’s a hint — it rhymes with “shmorporate fronds”).

And the “Payroll” bit is because he describes it as kind of like being on the payroll of a company, without doing any work…

“You won’t lift a finger for them, and yet… they’ll still pay you just as if you did work for them!

“Best of all, it has nothing to do with the employee payroll. Employees can get their wages slashed at any time… but our payouts are set in stone!

“Collecting money from a ‘Payroll Certificate’ takes only a few minutes a week at most.”

And he throws in a couple examples, using the old copywriter’s trick of talking about what you get, but not what you have to invest in order to get that return…

“Some companies, like Genworth Financial, pay up to $5,618 to holders of ‘Payroll Certificates’… Others, like Dell, pay as much as $2,257.

“Even $6,236 from a company like Barrick Gold….

“There are dozens of companies that offer these opportunities.

“Getting started with just eight companies can net you $56,744.”

McDonald is appealing to the risk averse for the most part, and he makes that clear:

“Take It From Me – This Is the Only Way to Stop Worrying About Your Money

“Whether we’ve met before at a conference… or you know me through my weekly videos… or even if this is the first time you’ve seen my face…

“There’s one thing we both have in common:

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“We absolutely HATE losing money!”

And he throws in some examples of people who are much smarter than you or I, and who are cutting their risk exposure… though he doesn’t exactly say that they’re buying “payroll certificates.”

  • “Famous bull investor Jeremy Siegel of the Wharton School is predicting our ‘first correction’ in 2015.
  • Credit Suisse, one of the world’s largest banks since 1856, is predicting