“Hyper-Fi” — Oxford Club “Guarantees” Stock will Rise at least $3

What's the solution to the latest Oxford Club tease?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 2, 2015

Several readers are asking about this one today, so we’re republishing this article from February 2 below. The ad in question is mostly unchanged, mostly what they’ve done is update the numbers slightly (first they teased a $10 stock, then a $12 stock, then $10 again, now $12 again… it’s been a volatile six months)… but the company teased is still the same, and it’s up slightly from when Oxford Club first pitched it but they are now laying it on thicker with email versions of the ad saying “But if you had to look at just one stock today, it should be this one…” and “We’re guaranteeing you this stock will gain another $3 a share.”

They did report earnings that moved the stock a bit… their first quarter missed expectations and bumped the stock down, the second quarter beat expectations and moved the stock back up at the end of July, and since then it’s been tied to the general gyrations of the market (so it’s down a bit more, recently). Beyond that, you’re on your own — the following article from 2/2/15 has not been updated or revised.

This one caught the attention of several readers over the weekend, with lots of those 4,000% and 5,000% attention-getting numbers that make you dream of yachts and private planes… and, as luck would have it, one of our fantastic readers sent in a quick nicely-rounded look at it along with his solution, so I can share that with you in a moment, trying to make this speedy so we can get it out before we lose power as Winter Storm Linus blankets us with snow.

Heh heh. Sorry, that blanket pun is courtesy of Mrs. Gumshoe. We’re all stuck here together in a weather lockdown on Gumshoe Mountain and getting a little punchy. I’m guessing it it will be a while before the plows can even make it to our driveway… and presumably the plow drivers are all a little hung-over from celebrating the Super Bowl last night.

So what’s that ad? It’s from the Oxford Club in an ad for their basic membership and subscription to The Communique, and they’re talking up the crisis of “too much data” …


“The Only Solution to the Devastating $1.5 Trillion Wi-Fi Shortage Coming to the Internet

“Only one company owns a monopoly on this patented technology

“Research proves the demand for this market will soon surge 5,400%

“Here’s why I calculate this $10 stock will will see revenues rise 4,445% along with it.”

The “overwhelmed wireless networks” spiel has certainly been used before, to justify everything from the cell tower companies (AMT and the like) to Qualcomm (QCOM) to various technology stocks that claim an edge on speeding up the internet or the mobile networks, or the devices that connect to these networks. It seems very unlikely that there’s one solution, or that one standard developed by a little company will dominate the solution… but, well, hope springs eternal. S

Some more hype and clues if you’re playing along at home:

“… by 2020, research shows each person will own at minimum 50 Internet-connected gadgets… maybe even more!

“The GSM Association estimates connecting nearly 25 billion devices by 2020, while Cisco and Ericsson think we will hit 50 billion….

“The current wireless system can’t handle it all.

“And very soon, we’re going to run out of capacity.

“You may have experienced some of the early consequences already…

  • Not being able to make a phone call when you’re at a sporting event or airport…
  • Internet that comes to a grinding halt when you get more than two computers on one network…
  • Interruptions and dropped signals when you are watching videos online…
  • Picking up someone else’s radio in your car…

Or when, just for example, you’re chugging away at work on a snow day and the rest of the house us full of people watching Netflix streams on mobile devices.

So what’s the solution? Well, of course there we come to our “one small company” ….

“A humble company out of California has created – and perhaps more importantly, patented – a type of supersignal…

“It’s a next-level version of Wi-Fi we like to call ‘Hyper-Fi.’

“And what it does is quite remarkable…

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