“Hyper-Fi” — Oxford Club “Guarantees” Stock will Rise at least $3

What's the solution to the latest Oxford Club tease?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 2, 2015

Several readers are asking about this one today, so we’re republishing this article from February 2 below. The ad in question is mostly unchanged, mostly what they’ve done is update the numbers slightly (first they teased a $10 stock, then a $12 stock, then $10 again, now $12 again… it’s been a volatile six months)… but the company teased is still the same, and it’s up slightly from when Oxford Club first pitched it but they are now laying it on thicker with email versions of the ad saying “But if you had to look at just one stock today, it should be this one…” and “We’re guaranteeing you this stock will gain another $3 a share.”

They did report earnings that moved the stock a bit… their first quarter missed expectations and bumped the stock down, the second quarter beat expectations and moved the stock back up at the end of July, and since then it’s been tied to the general gyrations of the market (so it’s down a bit more, recently). Beyond that, you’re on your own — the following article from 2/2/15 has not been updated or revised.