Oxford Club’s “‘The Greatest Investment of All Time’: Collect 212% Instantly, Plus 25.7% Yields.”

What's Alexander Green's $8 Investment being teased by the Oxford Club?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 13, 2018

The latest pitch from the Oxford Club is all about another change from Trump’s Washington that they think will make you rich — and they’re not at all shy about throwing some hyperbole on the fire, saying that Trump will “unleash the greatest investment of all time.”

So what is this investment they’re hinting at, with 212% “instant” gains and an ongoing 25.7% yield? There’s gotta be a catch, right?

Let’s feed some clues into the Thinkolator and see what we learn…

“You see… in August 2012, as part of so-called financial ‘reform,’ President Obama quietly set a major restriction on this particular investment.

“Now… some might say he did it to ‘protect the American people.’

“But there was something rather peculiar about this restriction.

“In short, the rule made it so the government could profit from this investment…

“But the public could not!”

And many folks in Trump’s camp are apparently interested in changing this — or, in the ad’s words, “lifting the restriction” …

“This is a 2018 issue. We are going to fix it.”
– Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

But this is something that you can apparently invest in without waiting for these “restrictions” to lift… so what’s the deal? Here’s a bit more from the ad:

“[Mnuchin] and Trump declared it a ‘top priority’ and have laid the groundwork to get the profits from this investment back into the hands of everyday investors like you and me.

“But here’s the best part.

“You can already buy into this investment today… for as little as $8….

“If all goes as planned, the moment Trump rolls back Obama’s move… this specific investment will automatically jump in value.

“And overnight, it should climb from $8 to a predetermined new price of $25.

“That’s a 212% gain in a single day!

“But from there… there’s no telling how high it could go.

“PLUS, as long as you get in today, this investment will also begin shoveling out a massive 25.7% payday.

“Imagine collecting a 25.7% annual payout… for the rest of your life.”

Then we get into a long spiel about how this special kind of secret investment has a long record of making people wealth, from the early railroad investors to Warren Buffett…

“America did not yet have the strong financial markets necessary for businesses to raise needed capital.

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“So as a way to entice investors…

“An entirely new type of investment was introduced on a Baltimore and Ohio Railroad project.

“One that offered everyday investors…

“MASSIVE upside
“MASSIVE yields
“And SECURED payouts, on top of a slew of other benefits.

“Investors piled in…

“And the railroad projects flourished…”

And apparently it’s not just this particular investment, but the broad class, that they’re calling “the greatest investment of all time” … more from the ad:

“I Call It ‘the Greatest Investment of All Time’ for a Very Good Reason…

“In short, the basis of the greatest investment of all time is a special class of ownership in a company that gives you a higher claim on assets and earnings than common stockholders.

“With this special class of ownership, you get massive upside.

“PLUS, your risk is much more limited than it is with regular investing.

“And you get huge, safe dividend yields (much bigger than those of common shares) that in almost all cases cannot be cut.

“In fact, Forbes says they ‘tend to be steadier than regular stocks, thanks to their big dividends.’…

“You also get priority over common stockholders when it comes to these payouts… meaning you’re paid first… AND you can be paid monthly.”

OK… so in case that sounds unfamiliar to you, what they’re referring to is preferred stock — a type of equity that is senior to common stock and usually trades more like debt, with a relatively high (but usually fixed) dividend.

Sometimes preferred stock is also convertible, sometimes