Revealed: “In the Race to Graphene Domination, Here’s The Company That’s Going to Win” (Oxford Club)

Who's the "Tiny Tech Company" teased by David Fessler?

I couldn’t resist pulling this one out of the bin in the basement — the teaser ad came across my screen several times this week, which probably means that the Oxford Club folks are mailing it pretty heavily again…. and the ad they’re sending out is pretty much exactly, as far as I’ve been able to tell, the same ad they were promoting very heavily in the Fall of 2012.

The numbers are the same, the general gist is the same… the signature on the “letter” is different, since this ad comes from Joel Bowman instead of David Fessler and yes, the company they’re teasing for its “graphene domination” is the same. So who is it?

Well, we’ll get into all the details below… I don’t want to spoil the suspense. But the company is sure in a different place than it was 30 months ago when we first saw it. Since the ad is the same, I’ve included our full teaser solution article below without any edits or updates, but I also did add some commentary at the end to give you a quick update on what’s happening with the company. Enjoy!

—what follows is from November 12, 2012—

We’ve had a short breather from the wave of graphene-themed teasers lately — so is the fact that we’ve had this breather the reason that the junior graphite stocks are mostly near their 52-week lows? Or has the teasing stopped because the stocks have fallen?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, the stock bubble or the hype-happy stock promoter? Tough call on that.

But the fact of the matter is, the graphite stocks were being ridiculously over-promised as immediate beneficiaries of the huge technological advances that graphene is probably going to bring to the world. So the fact that graphite prices right now are primarily driven by steelmaking and, for the highest purity stuff, by lithium ion batteries that depend on mass electric car adoption … well, that means our continuing economic weakness around the world has put a bit of a prick in what had arguably been a bubble in prices of high-purity graphite (there isn’t exactly a widely-quoted open market in flake graphite, but according to most of what I’ve read — there’s a sample here — prices were at historic highs for 2011 and reportedly started falling in the Spring this year, to stabilize in recent months and give hopes of more appreciation in 2013).

So some weakness in the graphite price, combined with a slowdown in touting and teasing and stock promotion, has kept the prices of most of the junior graphite explorers and developers fairly low — with some exceptions, like the Aussie Syrah Resource that we wrote briefly about here last month. And now a cheaper newsletter has come rolling in to talk up the graphene story … but with a different spiel.

The Oxford Club is touting not a junior graphite miner as their graphene play, but a graphite technology company. So perhaps it has more of a chance to have a direct or immediate impact from graphene advances? Well, let’s at least find out who it is, then you can apply your own prognostication to the situation.

Here’s a taste of the tease:

“How a Tiny Tech Company’s New ‘Graphene’ Discovery Will Revolutionzie All Smart Phones, Tablets, and Hi-Def TVs …

“And Why Early Shareholders Could See Explosive Gains As It Seizes Control of These $357 Billion Markets ….

“A tiny company ha secured patents on a remarkable new scientific breakthrough …

“It’s called graphene.

“And this newly developed substance could render all computers, smart phones, tablets and hi-def TVs instantly obsolete.

“In the coming months, every person in America is going to want the brand new versions of these products. And one company holds the key.”

OK, so it’s not a crazy little junior miner they’re pitching — but that doesn’t mean they’re not going over the top a bit. Graphene isn’t going to be in your brand-new cell phone “in the coming months” … not unless by “coming months” you’re referring to some fairly large number, like, say, 40 months from now. I just made that number up, by the way, but it’s going to be a while.

In case that doesn’t get you excited enough, here’s a bit more:

“As soon as news of this life-changing new material hits the markets, we estimate this company’s shares could soar by 2,388%, as you’ll see. That’s enough to turn a grubstake of $900 into over $20,000.

“And why not? It’s perfecting a substance unlike anything the world has ever seen….

“This breakthrough could lead to mobile phones that roll up and can be stored behind your ear… smart tablets and hi-def TVs as thin as paper… super-efficient computers, solar panels and batteries… and cars and airplanes a fraction of their current weight.

“And then there are the mind-boggling medical and military applications, such as tougher-than-steel artificial limbs and ‘invisible man’ camouflage.”

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So all of that is true, to some extent — graphene (which is just a sheet of carbon the thickness of a single atom, a nanomaterial) is a wonder material — conductive, light, strong, etc. … the Oxford Club folks aren’t wrong