“The One Company that Defeats Cancer … and Terrorism Too”

by Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe | November 24, 2009 2:34 pm

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  3. see the earnings conference call transcript here : http://seekingalpha.com/article/170020-varian-medical-systems-inc-f4q09-qtr-end-09-30-09-earnings-call-transcript?page=-1
  4. Accuray personally, it has also been teased many times, often by competitors from the same publisher: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/tag/accuray
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  1. Bob
    Nov 24 2009, 04:20:06 pm

    Re: Cancer/Terrorism Teaser

    My comments will be on Accuray’s CyberKnife. While I don’t own the stock, the CyberKnife was my treatment of choice for Stage 1B-2A lung cancer this past July. In only 5 40-minute treatments, and no accompanying chemo, the tumors were destroyed; as confirmed by a CT Scan in September. I’m witness that this stuff works, period. I will be buying the stock at some point as IMO, it is quite under valued. Varian however, is a good company with good products…I think however it’s a tad overpriced and would consider owning if there were a substantial correction in share price.


  2. fred
    Nov 24 2009, 05:07:03 pm

    Regarding Oxford’s Teaser for Varian Medical.

    Travis, this one sure looked familiar. Remembered why – almost the same teaser as back around 2004 when I first discovered Varian and Oxford Club. They just drag these things out of the closet, dust them off, and here we go again. Did buy it in 2004, made small profits, before getting out and keeping some profit – but nothing earth shaking. Strange how they get these things out of the closet – and it does concern me that they don’t have a new yarn to spin. But now, really once again, Varian will finally take off – or so they say. No mind that security wise, that hasn’t happened in the past 5 years, but maybe now. Varian has been on and off Oxford’s buy list ever since I discovered it in 2004.

  3. Dean
    Nov 24 2009, 06:07:44 pm

    I was playing detective to track down this company myself when a Google search spat out your good article.

    A quick look at this chart points to why Oxford decided to brush this article off and spam it again.

    VAR, appears cheap again to me. Consistently rising earnings and falling ratios.

  4. Steve - cancer medical researcher
    Nov 25 2009, 12:50:29 am

    Even though I have spent 35 years in cancer research, it does not necessarily mean I could figure out which way to spit in a strong wind. Nonetheless, for what it may be worth, I tell all my friends and family, etc. to search out thermography, the heat-detecting form of tissue analysis. All forms of x-ray analysis are cancer-causing, and at least from a research perspective, I can affirm that the literature will continue to call into question both the safety of x-ray analysis as well as radiation treatment. For example, you can kill breast cancer cells (and lung cells) but you engender some lethal heart disease down the road (for a net bottom line negative mortality rate after treatment) for various cancers. I’m just saying there are various barriers to wholesale adoption. There are so many tricky issues and turf issues involved.

    Finally introducing new equipment in the current and unfolding environment will be one tough road to hoe. So although I personally like Varian, I at least suggest a great deal of caution regarding the hype about the financial ramifications regarding the cancer cure payoff.

  5. Ernie
    Nov 26 2009, 01:17:04 pm

    I am first time reader and wonder if you can track down OxfordClub’s newest email concerning a “single shot” Cure for Heat Disease by a tiny company in San Diego. It was tested at Tulane Medical Center. Can you track down this small Bio-Med Company?

  6. larry
    Nov 26 2009, 02:03:21 pm

    I am retired.I lost most of my retirement money in the last three years. [spent some of it ,too]. I don’t want to go near the market in any strong way ever again!! I do have some inherited money coming soon and would like to invest in a stock or two periodically. I don’t have any experience in investing on my own. [my “professional” lost all my other money] How do I start on my own ? I don’t want to screw up but I worry that I don’t know enough to do things right.

  7. skintpaul
    Dec 14 2009, 09:01:00 am

    folks, is this Sweden deal old news ? If not, could it be considered a groundbreaking (share price shooting) deal ?

  8. jkru55
    Mar 19 2010, 11:11:31 pm

    I wouldn't buy this stock. Since 2010 over 250,000 shares have been "sold". The CEO, CFO, and just a week ago the Corp VP and Pres of Xray products just unloaded 20,000 shares. They've been selling this stock since 2007 and have never bought. My source is Insidercow.com

  9. james
    Mar 26 2010, 07:54:16 am

    1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year. And more than 1,500 people in the U.S. die from it every day.

    “But this one company is doing something about it. No… not a biotech company hoping to make it through Phase III trials, but rather a medical technology firm whose products are actually killing cancer tumors right now in hundreds of hospitals around the world.source florida radiation oncology http://www.sfrollc.com

  10. jeff
    Nov 21 2010, 01:46:43 pm

    i am in agreement with the responders of 51 weeks ago, plus others. Have been a member of oxford from o id say 2003 to 2007 or so. i remember oxford telling me to buy ISRG when it was 23.00. came ….that close. I bought something else. Trav,I currently own Accuray Cmed ,ID immr ,which I just sold half my holdings to buy var(iam tired of waiting for IMMR,3 plus years,I am down a few points.and if the VAR chart keeps on keeping on I will make back the money before I retire!
    I did wall street strategies for a quarter,12 hundred hard owned simolians on that one. WAY too much money. Dont get me wrong,I made back 1200 simolians BUT,without expenses and if I had just held my YUM and O that I sold to pay for that service I would have made MORE money. Trav I will now stick to my own due diligence,thank you. I am an Irregular and have bought one of yours CPMCF andRVSDF is yours too i believe. pressed for time gotta run,thanks Trav you are a service to the small investor humanity,JEFF

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