What’s the “Fingerprint of Life” Machine that (Oxford Says) can Generate 500% Short Term Gains?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 22, 2016

[ed. note: We’re getting questions about this ad, so perhaps it’s circulating again — to help answer those questions, we’re re-posting this article that we originally published last November when we saw the first version of this ad. The Irregulars Quick Take has been updated above, but what follows has not been updated, changed or edited since it first appeared on 11/10/2015]

Lots of eager Gumshoe readers have been asking about this “Fingerprint of Life” machine, so that will be our project for the day: What is it, and what’s the company who makes it, and will it make us filthy, stinkin’ rich?

OK, so maybe we can’t answer that last part — but we can at least ID the stock for you and get you started on your research. I’m sure we won’t tell you exactly what the Oxford Club folks will after you sign up for a $79 subscription to get their special report, “The ‘Fingerprint of Life’ Company Set to Increase Revenues 3,900%” … but, well, we’re also not going to charge you $79.

So what can we find out, for a more free-ish price? Let’s look at the clues… (you can also pay us, of course — the Irregulars, our paid members, keep Stock Gumshoe going and fuel our 200+ teaser solutions every year and they get some extra commentary in exchange… but they also can scan down just a bit and see the summary of this article without reading all my blatheration. Pay more to get less, what a concept!)

Here’s how the ad gets our attention:

“Today you’ll get a privileged look into the future of healthcare.

“I call it the ‘Fingerprint of Life’ machine.

“And it will change lives in ways never dreamed possible.

“…. it will extend the average lifespan of up to 36 million people….

“And it’s also a story every investor should know.

“That’s because just one little-known company is responsible for this coming revolution.

“Its patented machine is already extending people’s lives as you read this.

“Its proprietary technology is helping oncologists kill cancerous tumors right this moment.”

Sounds impressive, right? This is all about genetic sequencing, as you’ve probably figured out… but there are a lot of companies in that space, and you can probably imagine several different ways to “play” the idea of sequencing the DNA of more and more people, and finding genetic roots of more and more diseases (and, importantly, figuring out what to do once you know about those roots).

So which one is it?

Well, Laura Cadden at Oxford says it’s “not yet in the mainstream financial headlines” … but it’s clearly also not a startup. More clues:

“… today, these life-changing treatments are only available in just a handful of hospitals around the world.

“That’s about to change.

“We expect this company to start rolling out over 6,200 of these ‘Fingerprint of Life’ machines in the coming months….

“Few know that each machine brings in about $2 million a year in revenue and is surrounded by a moat of more than 400 patents…

“Soon, very soon, the word will get out, and the big money will start pouring in as they roll out.

“As you’ll see in a moment, a $10,000 investment today could turn into $60,000 short term… and $175,000… even as much as $390,000 long term…”

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