Can you Earn Huge Royalties from the “Fountain of Youth” Drug Marc Lichtenfeld says was Discovered on Easter Island?

Oxford Income Letter teases: "One company with the key patent could see a $147 billion sales surge... And YOU could collect a retirement fortune if you act before November 9."

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 19, 2018

Today we’ve got a teaser pitch from Marc Lichtenfeld to consider. It’s an ad for his Oxford Income Letter, but the “fountain of youth” pitch makes it sound like a wild ride of a biotech idea… so let’s dig in and see what we can find, shall we?

Sometimes it’s best to start with the order form and work backward, since they often “sum up” the pitch just before they ask you for your credit card number — this is an “entry level” letter at $79/year, and here’s what they say they’ll provide as your “special reports” …

“Special Report No. 1 – ‘Collect 4,000% With a Direct Stake in FY-31’

“This report will show you the one small company with the KEY patents on FY-31… current and upcoming clinical trials… and yes, the ticker symbol!

“This company is on the cutting edge of anti-aging tech, and it’s ready to disrupt the $18.3 trillion global healthcare market. It trades for just $10, so you’ll be able to get in on the cheap!”

And this is really a two-parter, that crazy potential gainer plus a second stock that owns some kind of royalty on this same drug:

“Special Report No. 2 – ‘How to Collect $35,100 per Year on the FY-31 Drug Royalty’

“Just like people collect royalties on hit songs and best-selling books, you can collect royalties on drug sales as well. I’ve discovered a way YOU can get in on the sales of FY-31 when it hits the market. Best of all, you can position yourself NOW and the payments can increase over time!”

What seems to have Gumshoe readers most intrigued is this “royalty” business, since we’ve all been conditioned to lust after royalties, but Lichtenfeld seems to allude to both of the investments as he goes through the clues. Let’s sample a few of those hints and get a sense of what he’s “promising” ….

“One single company has the rights to develop anti-aging drugs from FY-31.

“It’s set to receive the lion’s share of the reward.

“And I believe it will be the next biotech to see a sudden explosion in share price….

“There’s a special way you can set yourself up for as much as 4,000% gains… enough to turn every $5,000 into $200,000 of profit.

“And this play does NOT involve options.

“But it could be the biggest windfall of your life if you act before November 9.”

So start to think of that as the “high risk” end of this kind of equity investment, and keep in mind that he’s actually pitching two companies — this direct owner that might show huge gains, and an indirect owner that could receive large royalties at some point.

And it’s all about this “FY-31” (FY being “fountain of youth”) that’s based on a bacteria that was found on Easter Island. Here’s some more excitement about that drug when it comes to some big potential markets, like heart disease…

“A study on mice recently published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that FY-31 ‘prevents cardiac dysfunction.’

“Not only that, but FY-31 is so powerful, it could reverse heart disease if you already have it.

“A study published in Aging Cell, a science journal, declared that even late in a mouse’s life, FY-31 ‘reverses age-related heart dysfunction.’

“I’m confident that this drug could replace the vast majority of current heart disease treatments.”

… and cancer…