“Sacramento’s ‘3-Minute’ Money Maneuver”

Checking out the teaser for Palm Beach Income

The Palm Beach Letter folks are out with a teased “special report” about how to collect more income in “three minutes” using some kind of secret California “maneuver” …

… so naturally, Gumshoe readers are saying “huh?”

And “why do they always use California when they make up these names?”

And really, just “what are they talking about?”

Here’s a wee sample:

“If you’re interested in collecting more income, then you’ll want to pay attention to an important event taking place in California’s state capitol”

Golly, what is it?

He says it affects everyone planning for retirement. And the “he” in this case is Bob Irish, who has written for some Mark Ford-affiliated groups in the past and is now apparently putting his name to a publication called Retirement Insider at Palm Beach, though he’s more the “moderator” of the present