“The Technology Heist of The Decade” (Palm Beach Letter)

What's Apple going to buy next? Teaser from Paul Mampilly for the Palm Beach Letter

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 22, 2012

It’s been a few months since I last wrote about a teaser pitch from the Palm Beach Letter, the “entry level” letter from Common Sense Investing that was started in the last year or so by ex-Stansberry pundit Tom Dyson and marketing guru Michael Masterson/Mark Ford.

(Yes, I say “entry level” even though this is their only teased newsletter so far — they’ve just started to publish “upgrade” letters that are more expensive, starting with Palm Beach Income, and I’m sure more will come as they build their marketing list, that’s the business model that all of the Agora affiliates follow).

But they’ve sure continued to tease out their ideas to entice potential subscribers, and this latest one is particularly compelling — no surprise that, since these folks have copywriting in their genes … here’s the lead-in:

“A Company with More Cash than the U.S. Government May Hand You a 53% Payoff … in Less than 4 Hours

“NOTE: This is the most time-sensitive information we have ever published. You must act immediately. News could come as early as tomorrow. Possibly even after the close of today’s market.”

How can you not want to know about this one? No one’s blood runs that cool.

Here’s some more, just in case you’re one of those cool cucumbers who’s not already chomping at the bit. (“Which cucumbers do all the time,” says the mixed metaphor):

“It concerns a report I had written in our most recent issue of Palm Beach Letter about a potentially imminent stock market situation that I believe will make front-page news all around the world once it’s announced.

“If everything plays out as I suspect, this announcement is likely to remove all attention from the Facebook IPO.

“It could distract everyone from the European debt crisis.

“And it’ll probably fuel debate in the media for years to come.

“It could also give you the opportunity to make a 53% gain (or more) in a single day… and even more in the media whirlwind that follows.

“As I said in my report, this situation is extremely urgent… and very fluid.”

So what’s the “technology heist of the decade” that’s being pitched here? It’s a takeover that they’re predicting of some “secret” company by … Apple (AAPL).

Yes, predicting what Apple might do with its cash is a cottage industry in itself — even now, after they’ve decided to pay a small dividend and do a small buyback (no, $10 billion wouldn’t be a small buyback for most … but this is a $500 billion company we’re talking about), they’re still going to generate enough cash that they’ll have something approaching $100 billion in cash on hand at any moment to make acquisitions if they chose.

Some of those predictions include buying high profile companies like facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Research in Motion, and many more — all of which are well within reach of Apple’s cash, with the possible exception of facebook. And of course, we’ve seen the facetious ones, too, like “Apple should buy Greece.”

Despite the fact that Apple has tended to acquire small technology or supplier companies rather than do bigger deals, there’s always speculation that they’ll do something flashier. And this appears to be just that kind of speculation … so let’s check out the details, shall we?

The teaser ad letter is actually from Paul Mampilly, who’s an analyst at Palm Beach Letter, and he’s expecting the …

“Merger of the Decade”

“It’s a situation that involves Apple Inc.—one of the largest companies in the world and maker of the iPhone. And it also involves another famous technology company—a name you probably know and whose product you may even use…..

And then the teaser hints come fast and furious about this potential Apple target:

“As a result of my research, I’ve come to know Apple’s products and partners very well – from the companies in its supply chain to the quiet players behind Apple’s most successful innovations.