What’s Palm Beach’s “Canadian Mint” investment that can “Multiply Your Money 10X?”

Tom Dyson says the 'Canadian Mint' is perhaps the best way to play gold today -- what is it?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 17, 2015

This teaser wasn’t the core offering of Palm Beach Letter‘s latest pitch for their premium package of services — that was mostly Tom Dyson’s increasingly strident “Income for Life” push — they usually call that the “770 Account,” and they’ve been pushing it for several years now as the only safe way to protect your wealth in the coming market disaster… Dyson goes so far as to say “Move at Least 20% of Your Net Worth Into This Asset Now — Before the Next Market Drop,” and to remind us that he personally has pulled $400,000 of his own money “out of the U.S. financial system” using these 770 accounts.

(You can see some of our past discussions of this here and here, it’s basically the “Bank on Yourself”/”Infinite Banking” system of buying participating whole life insurance from mutual insurance companies, minimizing the life insurance aspect and maximizing your cash value and dividend-earning capacity using riders, and borrowing from your account when you need capital in the future for cars, college, whatever).

But as an added inducement to buy this “Income for Life Master Class” package, which apparently also includes access to private deals like investing alongside Jason Ford’s real estate business (Mark Ford’s son, I assume — the elder Ford developed much of the marketing that drives all Agora-related newsletters, and is Dyson’s partner in publishing Palm Beach Letter), they included some other special reports — including one that they called “The ‘Canadian Mint’: A Rare Investment That Can Multiply Your Money 10 Times Over” …

… and that caught my eye, so let’s see if we can figure out what the “Canadian Mint” investment is, shall we?

Here’s what got my attention:

“It’s about a unique gold play developing in Canada. One caught at the intersection of safety and the potential to skyrocket in value.

“How high?

“A 1,000% return over time.

“Now, normally, I cringe when I hear promises of ‘huge’ gains. But… this play is built on a rock-solid foundation.”

OK, so what’s the investment? Is it a stock? Some other strange thing?

We do get a few details…

“First, this company is safe. It has $365 million in spare cash. It has no debt. And the people running the company own about 70% of the stock.

“…. It’s trading right now for pennies on the dollar… around $2 per share. With a nice dividend yield of 5.7%.”

And it’s got something to do with gold, but it isn’t a miner or a royalty or streaming company. So what is it?

Last clues:

“I discovered this company in the office of one of Canada’s 100 richest citizens—a man worth more than a billion dollars….

“… an important trend most investors are ignoring could ignite this $2 stock.

“… if we begin to see the effects of flashpoint No. 3 (rampant inflation), gold-related investments are the perfect safety hedge…

“And the ‘Canadian Mint’ is perhaps the best way to play gold today.”

OK, so we can at least cross a few things off the list — it’s not a gold producer or gold mining/royalty stock, and it’s not the actual Royal Canadian Mint that mints collectible and commemorative and bullion coins. But it has something to do with gold… and there’s some kind of substantial leverage in their business model if they have that much cash, pay a strong dividend, and can also be said, with a straight face, to be capable of generating 1,000% returns.

Assuming that they’re saying it with a straight face, that is. Which they probably are — Dyson usually has some actual numbers backing up his teasers, even if they might not be likely “what you’re going to earn” numbers.

So who is it?

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