Mizrahi’s “World’s Top Billionaires Invest in the Biggest Cancer Breakthrough Since Chemo”

What's being teased by Park Avenue Investment Club for their special report, "How to Make 10 Times Your Money On The Single-Shot Cancer Blaster"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 8, 2018

There’s a clear winner in the “what readers are asking about” sweepstakes this morning, and it’s the latest pitch from Charles Mizrahi for his Park Avenue Investment Club (currently $99/yr) — so that ad must really be making the rounds, and we’ll fire up the Thinkolator to get you some answers today.

The pitch is clearly about cancer immunotherapy, broadly speaking — plenty of references are made to big immunotherapy drugs and advancements, and the somewhat generic quotes from lots of medical folks about the huge potential of immunotherapy. I’m no expert on medical matters (that’s why we have two other authors here who chime in often on the topic), but clearly there has been a huge push over the past decade to develop immunotherapies, and in many cases they are making a huge difference for patients…. and sometimes, to investors in the companies whose drugs have made good progress in clinical trials or, in the most advanced cases, been approved for sale.

So yes, cancer immunotherapy is big… we can just start with that as a “given” … though it doesn’t, of course, mean that every company pursuing therapies that use the body’s immune system to fight off cancer will make you gazillions of dollars — as with all new drugs and therapies, a lot of them will fail. That has started happening with some immunotherapy drugs as well, recently, despite the rush into the space (summed up pretty well here in a Medscape article, if you’d like some perspective).

And that’s about the extent of my understanding of this space, so let’s just jump in and ID the stock for you… ready?

Here are the clues:

“Recently, the FDA made what they called a historic decision.

“It agreed that the single-shot therapy developed by the $200 billion pharmaceutical giant Novartis should be approved for use outside of clinical trials.

“It became official on August 30, 2017.

“But everything is just getting started…

“‘This is a brand new way of treating cancer,’ says Dr. Stephan Grupp.

“‘No one ever thought it would be possible to commercialize a therapy like this,’ says Dr. Carl June.

“It’s expected that the $108 billion firm Gilead Sciences will receive approval in the coming months.

“And while there will be a number of ways to profit in the coming years, there will not be another opportunity like the one before you today.

“If you were to make only one biotech investment in the next decade, this small Boston-based company is it.

“I have never been more certain about anything in my entire life.”

First, we have to fight our brains a bit and set aside the hyperbole — pretty much every investment teaser ad includes a line like that