Solved: ’29-Cent Stock just finds $4.12 billion of gold, Forward P/E of 1′ (Chuck de Castro tease)

What's Penny Mining Speculator's "make 5 to 6 times your money" gold stock?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 25, 2015

We write about Chuck de Castro teasers every now and again, and this one caught the eye of quite a few Gumshoe readers — as you can guess from the headline, it’s about a junior mining stock, not exactly the headline favorite for today’s markets… though you never know when the “currency wars” might help gold finally catch a real bid and make another big move, and when gold optimism rises it’s the junior gold explorers that tend to be the most wildly levered plays on gold.

Doesn’t always work, of course — even if gold does go up sharply on some kind of “flight to safety” or “currency devaluation” fear, we might not have the “animal spirits” in the market to get greed impulses really flashing and convince speculators to pile in to little mining stocks aga