“If you want to ride a 13¢ oil stock to $1.61, now’s the time to do it” (Czeschin)

Where does Penny Oil Speculator see opportunity?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 3, 2016

The ad that we’re feeding into the Thinkolator today is from Bob Czeschin for his Penny Oil Speculator, and it’s about finding opportunities in “penny oils” that he thinks will “go berserk” when oil rises significantly… as he seems to think is inevitable, given that oil is currently well below the price that most major producers outside of Saudi Arabia need for profitability.

The “13 cents to $1.61” headline isn’t about one of the stocks he’s teasing today — that’s an example of one he’s taking credit for riding in the past, when that was the profit opportunity in BNK Petroleum a few years back….

Here’s the promise from Czesch