Can you really “Own 28 of the World’s Most Exciting New Tech Companies for just $3.10?”

Checking in on a Microcap Millionaires Teaser pitch for the Friday FIle

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 14, 2014

The most optimistic answer to that question is, “sort of, but it’s $3.75 now.”

This week for the Friday File I don’t have any great epiphanies to share (that’s probably a relief, I’m sure, they tend to be wrong) … so I thought I’d check out someone else’s big idea, in this case the latest teaser pitch from Agora Financial for their Microcap Millionaires service.

And it turns out that this happens to be a stock I’ve owned in the past (the distant, distant past), and that I have a few call options on because of my relatively uninformed, speculative thought that the biotech and tech craze could get them a quick and dirty payday or a spike in valuation at some point soon.

I haven’t written about the stock in these pages, I don’t think, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it based on any fundamental analysis — but it’s the kind of stock that could get a big payday if luck strikes. It’s a small bet on my part, so don’t buy it on my account.

But I should explain what the stock is first, right? Well, it’s being teased as “the way to own 28 of the world’s most exciting tech companies for $3.10” … and in other email intros to the ad I’ve seen it teased as a way to buy “Alien” technology for 11 cents (that’s just simple and misleading math — simplified, 28 companies into $3.10 means you get each one for 11 cents … they aim to buy substantial positions of 8-10% of an early stage company, but in many cases their ownership is smaller than that).

And the name? Well, I can just tell you the stock without burying the lead, since you’re my favorite people — the stock being teased by Thompson Clark for Microcap Millionaires is Harris & Harris (TINY).

Here’s how they describe the stock, to give you an idea of the sales pitch:

“With one click of your mouse you could set yourself up to profit from:

The rise of DNA-based personalized medicine The “holy grail” new computers that could cure cancer And a revolutionary new mass-produced “30-minute oil.”

That’s followed by a spiel about how exciting it can be to invest in microcap tech companies, with a long list of 20 or so huge gainers from the last year that racked up returns ...

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