“The Tiny ‘Miracle Water’ Play That Could Make You a Mint.”

Special note for the Irregulars on Agora's "Secret Commie Technology That Makes Fracking 'Green'"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 8, 2013

This is a special bonus solution for the Irregulars, because the company is very, very small and probably quite foolish to trade — if you do buy it and the company doesn’t do well, it will be very hard to sell it quickly. Especially if you’re not willing to take substantial losses.

That goes for a fair number of tiny companies that I cover now and again, but this one is absurdly small — I don’t want to avoid covering it, because that just plays into the secret teasing campaigns by the newsletter publishers, but I also don’t want to spout it out for the whole world on our free website, let those who have drunk the Agora Kool-Ade and are convinced this company is unique and about to own the “fracking water” business buy the stock as soon as they learn the ticker symbol from us … I’d feel like I’m encouraging foolish trading behavior.

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But when it comes to the Irregulars, I know you’re adults and I know you’re a smaller (and, of course, far wiser) group of investors — so I feel somewhat less guilty for exposing you to a little $15-million company that probably none of us should be looking at all that closely. Who knows, maybe you’ll see promise here where I see, well, risk.

Does that make me some kind of over-nervous den mother who makes her Cub Scouts whittle with plastic knives? Sorry, I rarely know where to come down on stocks with sub-$50 million market caps — they’re prone to manipulation, they’re fun to dream about, and they are the stock in trade of a few high-priced newsletters as well as the target of most pump and dump campaigns, so it’s usually hard to invest in them based on real fundamentals unless you know the company and industry really well and have a strong stomach. Sometimes I cover ’em, sometimes I don’t — I’m fickle. Today, enough of you are asking — and the publisher is so huge (Agora Financial) that I know I’ll get the same question from hundreds more of you, so I’ll do my best to check it out. And yes, I know you don’t care about my navel gazing, but I can’t help myself … sorry.

So … on to the tease!

The basic pitch is that there’s a super-tiny stock that sells, ...

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