What’s Koyfman’s “Perfect $0.30 Pot Stock?” (Formerly the “Perfect $1 Pot Stock”)

This was first pitched as the "McDonald's of Cannabis" last Winter, and now as the the $1 $0.30 Company that's "more powerful than the federal government" -- who is it?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 1, 2019

We first published this teaser solution on January 8, and I’m continuing to get the ad forwarded to me here at Gumshoe HQ pretty much every day… so I thought I’d repost this solution and provide you with a bit of an update (the story has changed a little, and I’ve learned a little more about it, though the share price has not changed).

So we’ll start with the teaser solution — the ad has not changed much and the Thinkolator answer has not changed, so we’ll re-post that here for you… then I’ll pop in at the end again and provide some updates.

1/8/19: This ad from Alex Koyfman is really bursting with hyperbole, and readers have been asking about it for close to a month now… so let’s see if we can get you some answers.

After all, Alex Koyfman’s picture is right up there at the top of the ad with the inflammatory quote, “If I had to bet my entire life savings on just one stock… this is easily the one.”

He even uses a little “order” button on his form that says “Yes, I want to get rich!” That makes you want to pony up $999 for a subscription, right?

No? Well, then let’s see if we can ID the stock and tell you a little bit about the company for a lower price… maybe something free-ish, does that work for you? Great!

And don’t worry, as of January the “secret” stock is still right around where it was when I first saw these ads in early December… so if there’s anything exciting in the wings for the shares, you haven’t missed it.

That’s a substantial “if,” of course… this is a penny pot stock we’re talking about, after all. But which one?

He says that this stock is “on the verge of disrupting a $146 billion global market” and “recently signed a massive three-year $54 million contract” — which makes it sound like the sky’s the limit… and then he gets into some specifics:

“… this company has already signed dozens of deals in countries, like Canada, Jamaica, and Italy….

“And in several U.S states, like Nevada, Washington, and California.”

Then some hints about specific deals:

“The single contract that this company just signed will pay it roughly $11.4 million per year…

“On just one contract, for the next three years — guaranteed.”

That sounds pretty impressive for what he says is a “$40 million company” — presumably there’s some kind of catch, no?

If so, Koyfman doesn’t mention that — he doubles down on the hype:

“Based on all current partnerships, I fully expect this company to make up to 10 times more than that — per year.”

This is my favorite part of the ad, though:


“… on the federal level, marijuana is still considered an illegal Schedule I drug.

“This means that federal institutions, like banks, can’t or won’t do business with pot companies.

“But the company that I’m telling you about today legally can and will…

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“And that’s why other companies, industries, and even entire countries are turning to this one tiny company.

“It effectively has more power than the U.S. government, t the knowledge, and most importantly, it’s flush with cash.

“This is why it’s been able to land a series of massive deals that federal institutions simply can’t take part in….”

Huh?  Oh, I see — maybe he means national institutions, like big investment banks?   The Federal Government doesn’t generally do much venture or equity investing, so it’s not at all surprising that they have not partaken in any given investment… and no, it doesn’t mean that the feds are “less powerful” than some little pot company.

But anyway, let’s dig out a few more clues… then we’ll get your answers…

“It recently inked a 1,000-acre deal in Nevada….

“It’s also in on a huge project in Jamaica, a country that’s part of a $494 billion marijuana tourism market.”

We can probably add “huge” to the list of “adjectives that don’t have any legal meaning,” by the way. But I digress… there are more clues:

“In California, this company is backing — and has a large interest in — 40,000 square feet of indoor growing facilities.

“In Italy, it’s involved in a 25-acre project with a company that’s ready to launch its first line of retail hemp oil in a $2 billion market.

“It’s also developing its own line of cannabis-infused soft drinks, a $200 million industry that even Coca-Cola is about to get in on.”

Those are all numbers that sound big, which is an enticement to make you feel like the opportunity is endless… but remember, even if there’s a shred of truth to the projects hinted at (there probably is, copywriters excel at exaggeration but they’re not hired to lie and get you in trouble with the law), they aren’t the only company doing these things. Does the fact that Coca-Cola is about to get into cannabis-infused beverages support your belief in a company that’s bout to try to release it’s own drink… or does it make you quake in your boots at the notion of competing with the Atlanta soda cartel?

Anyway, that’s enough clues… ready?

So who is it?  Thinkolator says this is still, though the ad is getting very old in the tooth and outdated now, the CSE-listed Crop Infrastructure Corp (CROP.CX, CRXPF OTC in the US), which bills itself as essentially a financier for the pot industry — since banking and borrowing are tough for illegal industries like marijuana (in the US, at least), those companies don’t have easy access to bank loans and mortgages and regular financing… so CROP is one of the many companies that have sprung up to fill that niche, usually by backing land acquisition or property development in exchange for some return (equity, rent, or some economic exposure to the underlying business).